Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Last Exploration, Jenn Peddicord

Part 1: I decided to take a paragraph from my Essay 2 narrative. I wrote about the summer I got to work a whole month at a YoungLife camp in Goshen, VA. I talked about how influential and meaningful to was to be there as well as spending time with those I had hardly knew at the beginning. The paragraph I chose was..." I made some of my best friends that summer because we could cut out the bull of trying to impress one another and just be real about where we were at in our faith, our struggles, and our life back home. What a privilege that is to be able to be fully known by someone and be fully loved, without feeling like you have to hide behind a fa├žade." It was important to me because that summer is something that is forever ingrained in my mind. I learned a lot about myself that summer and grew so much. The friends I made there left a mark on me and I am the person I am today because of them.

Part 2: One cause I really wanted to talk about is the Fringe App. I talked about it briefly in my extra credit assignment but didn't give it nearly enough credit. The Fringe App was started by my friends brother in law, Miles Miller. It is an app that joins together the people of Columbus and homeless people living on the streets. The app is created so those who pass or come across those who are homeless can be recorded on the app. Their location and their needs are put on the app and a team of drivers go around and provide them with the things they requested. This app is not only to help stop homelessness but build a community behind the cause. On December 20th, starting at 8pm "Fancy Party" is being held to raise awareness and contributions to The Fringe App. All proceeds go to benefits the homeless as well as building a team of more volunteers to serve these friends of ours.

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