Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Extra Credit - Mitch Huge

Mitch Huge

The Square

I thought that "The Square" gave an in depth perspective of the people in Egypt's view of the political protests going on in their country. This film did an awesome job of really getting you behind the lines of the protests. I really liked how they would actually bring cameras with them when they were in rock and gun fights to document what was really going on during the protests. I have never seen a documentary that showed the bare bones side of conflict, you never get to experience the true side of tragedy.The characters in the the film are Ahmed, Ramy, Aida, and Magdy. It does a great job of showing the progression of events through this protest. The protesters  took Tahrir Square in protest and demanded that they would not leave until Marduak resigned. Marduak showed his cruelness by how he handled the protests. He fired live bullets, beat protesters, ran people over with vehicles. Something that I did not like about the documentary was the fact that it was in subtitles for most of the movie.I felt like it was distracting because you had to read most of the time when you wanted to see what was going on on the screen.

The use of technology was something that is new to the protest world. People would publish statuses regarding the square and what was going on during that day. Videos would be posted of brutal police force on the protesters. This let the world really know what was actually going on in Egypt. They would communicate on where they were protesting and eventually the government shut down the internet to prevent these things.

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