Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Extra Credit Mary Knab

"The Square"  Review By: Mary Knab

The documentary "The Square" directed by Jehane Noujaim was a very eye opening documentary. The way the I wasn't originally excited about the documentary but it actually ended up being very interesting. The moods in the documentary that you get are very overwhelming. Watching "The Square" was a emotional roller-coaster for me. It took place in an area in Egypt called Cairo. This area is not the best area to be in and that's why this documentary talks about the issues and political situations that are going on in Egypt. Weather it's between the police, and people in the area, a lot of the problems in the society there is the violence. The documentary shows the problems in the government but they also show how the people stay together. The military and political situation in Cairo brought in a lot of protesters and revolution go getter's. The protesters were not scared to die for their beliefs. I respect that a lot because clearly they were very passionate about what was going on.

The Tahrir Square was a major setting for this documentary. It was iconic because this is where the protesters and revolutionaries gathered. The way the event was captured was very ideal, images captured the military fighting back and trying to stop the protesters. People were being ran over by tanks and vehicles and that is one way the emotional factor is presented. By seeing these images it made you feel very sad and mad at the government. They did a really good job portraying how bad it really was. All the protesters were against the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarah.
The documentary did a really good job on showing both the conservative and liberal views. The people of the Tahrir Square were very poor and that was very hard for them. It made me think of when I researched child soldiers because the kids there were working at the ages 7-10. That's crazy for me to consider because of where I was raised. I haven't had to work full time or even pay for anything. Kids that age should be having fun not working full time. 

The situation in Egypt has made an uproar through the time the documentary came out to now. The people of Egypt made Mubarak step down. Obama was very upset with Mubaraks resigning, he said ""The Egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they have not yet seized that opportunity"
Social Media had a big part in this, Facebook and Twitter was a full outrage of what was going on. It plays a huge part in the world because unlike the old days people have their own voice they can speak up now. Facebook made it easier to document because the footage couldn't have been removed. This reminds me of how recently in the news videos are being taken of cops abusing and taking their authority for granted. I think that its a blessing we have our hands on things like video recorders and phones so that we can too make a difference and stand up for what we believe in. I think that this was a good documentary to watch and I am glad that I did. It connects to different things that are going on in our world. 

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