Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Extra Credit Jenn Peddicord

I found this film to be very moving and inspiring. It gives you a first hand view of what really was going on in the midst of the revolution and how people we really suffering verse what you saw on the news. The revolutionaries passion and willingness to stand together as one, regardless of the opposing religions, and fight for a democracy gave me a heart of respect for the Egyptian people.

 I think the personal effects that made the storyline was a huge strength for this film. It created an authenticity to the film and helped you really get to know the key players in the revolution. The use of technology and social media had such an important role in the impact this film made. It got the word out as best it could and actually used social media as a tool not just a waste of time. One weakness in the film was the constant use of subtitles. It definitely was powerful to use the native language, which is beautifully spoken, but sometimes the constant need to read the subtitles distracted me from what was happening in the background.

The huge them in this documentary was definitely, freedom. But one thing that played into that that definitely changed the progress of the revolution was the fact that as a nation, as the people, as Egyptians they stood together for the majority of the revolution. It wasn't until religion became mixed with politics, by electing a president apart of the brotherhood that people became less concerned about freedom and more about having someone with the same religious beliefs in power regardless of the consequences it would impose on others.

Egypt now under rule of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The people of Egypt are still being oppressed by dominant rule that is masked as a "democracy". On December 2nd, 2014 188 people were sentenced to death because they were supporters of the Brotherhood and for killing 11 police officers last year. The tables have turned. Although they have a president who is trying to in force a new constitution, blood is still being shed. And now its the muslims being targeted. 

Social media played a huge role in this uprising. It was able to get the word out and expose what truly was happening in the streets. It raised awareness and helped people join the cause. One thing I think of as a way people locally are usin social media and technology to raise awareness and help people is The Fringe app. The Fringe App was started by Miles Miller trying to raise awareness about homelessness in the city of Columbus. The app was created so when you pass by or walk past a homeless person you go on the app put down their location and what they are asking for. Then a team of drivers who work with The fringe, drive to that location and provide them with food and any other needs the have express. There are different symbols on the app that identify if the person has moved, been helped, etc. This is a really cool way for people to help stop homelessness and become more aware about the stories of those that are living on the streets. For me, growing up in a suburb I was never really taught how to go about dealing with a homeless person. That sounds bad but I was always told a negative perception that all they are going to spend their money on is food. While for some that may be true but for others its just a series of bad luck. 

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