Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Extra Credit-Haia

I believe that the documentary The Square is a great example of the revolutionaries going on now in Egypt. It gave a great description of what was going on by what was wrong before the revolution and during. It showed the point of views from multiple people, all different from one another, but all wanting the same thing which is a society of freedom and peace. The strengths were definitely having the whole situation described and what they did to try and achieve their goals. They showed how everyone felt, all from different groups. It also showed how it went from the transition of the citizens working with one another, even when they have different views, just to have the president kicked out, to now fighting with one another because they do not agree with who the president is now. But I only think there is one weakness, which is that they spoke in another language most of the time. However, not much could really be done about that because that is the main language they speak in Egypt and that is how they made it so personal. But after a while of listening in another language, it could lag a little.

When the revolution first started, the citizens in Egypt worked together to protest against Mubarak who took control over everything for 30 years. No matter how different everyone was from each other, they protested together to make a change and try to have freedom. Eventually, he stepped down, but once he did there was still not much change that occurred in Egypt. So they had an election for a new president and Morsi was the new one. Even though it was a fair election by the people, many did not want him because he was a leader of the Muslim brotherhood. This caused even more of a riot. Overtime, chief of Egyptian Armed Forces, El-Sisi imprisoned him and put himself as the newest president. Today, many people do not want him as president either because they think that it was not fair for him to declare himself as one because they were suspicious of him winning the election by such a high percentage. It seemed like it was planned out. Now instead of the citizens working together liked they did in the beginning of the revolution, they are against each other because they all have different opinions on who they want as president. They all want freedom, but no one can agree on how it is going to happen. I believe that the best hope for a solution is to have another election between both Morsi and El-Sisi and force people to be fine with the results.

Social media played a huge role in Egypt's uprising. It helped bring attention towards it and it had people voice their opinions. They showed people that there is clearly something not right with Egypt and how there should be something done about it. Nowadays, I think twitter is playing an even bigger role than the news with what is going on in Palestine and Israel. It lets people who are living in both countries to voice how they feel, the ones that are experiencing it firsthand. It also shows much of what the news and media is not showing. It is showing the truth.

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