Sunday, December 7, 2014

Extra Credit-Danny Lucia

The Square is a documentary that is directed by Jehane Noujaim. The way I would describe this movie is intense. Some moments in the film make you extremely sad and some make you happy. When watching this I really understood how hectic Cairo Egypt is. This movie is about the many struggles that Egypt is facing because of the political problems. It shows many scenes of police brutality that are graphic. They also show the country coming together to try and solve their problems. It really shows that the army isn't keeping them safe, but killing innocent people. This video shows that there wasn't a revolution going on, but there was a war. Another thing it does is it shows how little the leaders in Egypt were willing to compromise. An important statement that was made was, "If you take down the leader and he replaced with someone from the same circle. You are doing the same thing." This is what happened when Mubarak, the leader of Egypt, stepped down. They elected had else that wasn't going to change anything. Egypt leaders just sent the army out to go use deadly force on people who were just stating their political views.  The revolutionaries went to Tharir Square, which the movie is named after, and set up tents to protest. These were all taken down by "thugs" and the army. This was sad to see because everyone in the United States respects our army and puts them very high in society. It does a good job in showing how little everyone trusts the army in Egypt. They are not doing a good job protecting the people like in other countries. They said their reason for recording The Square was, "We need to show them the truth, as long as there is a camera the revolution continues."
One of the strengths of this film is that it shows a lot of things that will get to your emotions. One of these examples is when they show the clip of people getting ran over by the army trucks. They showed an image of a man that had a deformed face because of this. They also did a good job showing both sides to the argument. They interviewed the army leader and he said that they need to give the government a chance. Another strength of this film is how close they get to the chaos. Some parts they are in the middle of the war zone and I got into it when they did that. Overall, it was very well done and had awesome clips.
The weakness of this The Square is how they have to use subtitles to understand the people. At some parts I would lose focus because they are speaking another language. It made it confusing at some points. Sometimes I felt like I was watching the same scene twice because they were so similar.

After doing research on the current situation in Egypt, I found out that they are still having problems with leadership. After Mohamed Morsi was elected president and kicked out of power they elected Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as president in 2014. Egypt is still struggling right now with poverty and are having trouble with religion. One of the biggest challenges that they are having is getting people to protest right. People are fighting back and killing police officers. This makes the government unsure on how to have peaceful interaction with people. Military and people are still violent towards each other and it is very bloody. On December third 200 defendants were put to death because they killed police officers. The best hopes for this situation is for everyone to get on the same page. They need to be more organized when they protest.
Social media helped play a role in the uprising by coordinating protestor events. I also saw in the movie that people would put up videos of themselves talking about their opinions. It also helped honor the people that have died for their revolutionary goals. I have seen social media playing a role in the Ferguson case. Many news stations are trying to stick by the side of the system and others are saying that the final verdict was wrong. A lot of different celebrities that people look up to are talking about this. People of the family are putting out different things on all kinds of social media sites that are positive and negative.

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