Monday, December 8, 2014

Extra Credit Chandler Fullenkamp

The Square

The documentary The Square is a film that shows the true horrors of the Egyptian revolution of 2011.  A revolution that still continues on today.  It films a group of revolutionaries such as Ahmed, Ramy Essam, Aida, and Madgy- who is a Muslim brother.  The film shows the progress of the revolution and how they came together as a group to show their power.  The biggest movement was when they took over the Tahrir Square and demanded they will they will not leave till the dictator, Marduak, steps down. The crowd chanted, “The people demand the fall of the regime!” That day came on February 11th, 2011.  There were many fights that were beginning to break out between the army and revolutionaries.  The revolutionaries tried to keep the sit-in in the Tahrir Square peaceful, but the army brought real ammunition.  The army had connections with the media so it was also corrupt and only showed biased media.  Elections were eventually held and the Muslim Brotherhood won and ran for presidency.  They elected President Morsi.  He gave himself unchecked powers shortly after he became president which rally upset the people.  In the summer of 2013, protests increased against Morsi.  He would also be pushed out of power but the fight still goes on today. 

I found this documentary very interesting and it was very informing.  It had some strengths that made it very capturing.  It was filmed in first person so it made it feel like you were there which helps attract viewers and it was a documentary so it was made to inform people.  After watching this film, I think that this was a big deal that was not very exposed, obviously because of the corruption of the median in Egypt.  Some weaknesses of this film would be that it is biased towards the revolutionaries and did not show any of the army or president’s point of view.  Also, it was pretty long.  I think it would have been more powerful if they kept it shorter.  

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