Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 8 - Nate Allen

My favorite piece of writing that I have done all semester is probably from my second essay where I talked about the passing of my brother and how it changed my life. It was very personal and hard to write about and it felt good to kind of talk about the things that I don't talk about in every day conversations. It helped a lot because I was completely honest about the situation.

The one thing that I could share with everyone in this class is to do what you love most. I play rugby and the reason I do is because that is the only time that I remember my brother with perfect clarity. Rugby was an activity that I got to share with my brother Nick before he died. Part of the reason I play now is because I know that Nick can't anymore. I also love to run people over, it's the only place where being overly aggressive  is accepted in my life. There are so many people that never end up doing what they love and that's what I want for everyone is to do what they love.


  1. I think your passion for rugby is really cool! I also thought it was cool how one of the reasons you play rugby is for your brother, and you think that people should do what they love!

  2. I love how you emphasized on how people should do what they love. That is really important in life, I'm sorry to hear about your brother, I can only imagine how hard that would be. Sometimes it's best to talk about things that you usually don't instead of bottling it up (: I know your brother is proud of you and it's really awesome your playing for him!


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