Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 8

Part one- I am really proud of the third essay that I wrote in this class. I wrote about animal testing and how I was both for and against it. I liked being able to take such a different view on something that is usually just one side or the other. It also made me realize how my own personal experiences really do effect the way that I make choices like this. I don’t think that if people so close to me were sick I would be for animal testing at all, but because I do know people that are suffering from diseases like cancer, and how some of the tests that they are conducting could really save peoples lives. “And in the end he had beaten the cancer, he had won that long and hard battle, but the other had snuck up on him like an unworthy opponent, attacking when his back was turned, and killed him. If there is new evidence that can stop things like this from happening, then yes, for the most part, I think it’s worth it.”

Part two- Something that I feel that is very important today is sexual assault. According to RAINN “Every two minutes another American is sexually assaulted, 60% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police, 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail” I believe this is something that really needs to change. People should be able to walk home without the free of being attacked, or at the very least feel that they can go to the police without being ridiculed, or relive the torment of what they already went through. I also feel like this is something that not a lot of people really want to talk about, because no one really knows what to do or say about it. But I believe that if people just start talking about it, then maybe we can come up with a better solution in dealing with how to stop it or just make it so people feel that they can come forward. 

There are so many ways that people can help, or get involved, even just talking about it, we can really make a difference. 

The National Sexual Assault Hotline and OnlineHotline, operated by RAINN, provide much-needed support to victims of sexual assault and their friends and family. Sign up now to give those affected a safe place to turn when they cannot find their voice.
RAINN relies heavily on volunteers to raise the funds necessary to operate the National Sexual Assault Hotline and Online Hotline, educate the public, and pursue public policies that will bring more rapists to justice.
Are you willing to help educate the public about sexual assault by sharing your story? We are looking for victims and friends or family members of victims who are willing to share their experience.
Talking about sexual assault is a powerful way to help reduce the stigma, teach young adults ways to reduce their risks, and help survivors learn where to turn for treatment.
All RAINN Affiliates serve victims of sexual violence. Volunteers and staff at these organizations are trained on issues surrounding sexual violence and can provide support and information about individual or group counseling, medical attention, reporting a crime to law enforcement as well as many other services.

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  1. It really is crazy and sad how prevalent sexual assault is these days and how its just starting to truly become a more talked about issue with PSA's airing on tv now as well.It seems as if almost all of the campus crime e-mails we receive are about sexual assaults.


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