Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 8 -Tony Frantz

Part 1) Something that I am proud of would have to be my second essay that I wrote. I have always struggled with writing and English in general, and I believe that this essay of mine really showed me how far I have come with learning new material and excelling in my writing ability. One of my favorite paragraphs that I wrote and believe truly demonstrated my achievements was as quoted, "It was now time to take things to the next level and conduct my first ever MRI on my elbow. I can remember lying down on a small platform covered with blue sheeting, slowly moving backwards into a small white rounded tube I became claustrophobic with no space to even budge a muscle. I felt like a worm trapped deep down under the earths surface trying to escape having to keep my patience to find my way out, but it was too late to panic, the MRI had already started". I believe that this paragraph was one of my best, because I was able to really bring out the emotion that I felt at one time in my life and felt that I was able to bring the context alive to the reader. I chose to share this because until I wrote this essay, I never could truly put together in words what it felt like at the time being. Another paragraph from my second essay that holds a lot of meaning to me would be, "The red seams of the semi dirty baseball came flying towards me; I quickly dropped my hands and hips into position, swinging the bat with all my strength to only hear a loud smack. I had hit the ball. A sudden rush of excitement rushed through my body as I began to run towards first with the ball still soring in the sky further and further back. I had hit a double and knocked in two runs giving my team the lead".  I was able to use really good sense details that described my situation and actions very well. I chose to share this paragraph because it was one of the most exciting things that happened in my life. I still to this day get Goosebumps just thinking and reading about that moment in my life, wishing I could relive every bit of it.

Part 2) Something that I believe can really help people learn and feel is the power of music. Music to me is everything and can change a person’s mood within a matter of seconds. Many people listen to certain bands or artists because of the happy vibes that they receive from listening to it. One band that I personally love listening to and want to share about is Coldplay. Coldplay to me has more meaning in their lyrics than any other artist or group out there. When listening to Coldplay, you feel as if they have a song for any type of mood that you may be in. Going back to my statement about music changing a person’s mood within a matter of seconds, if you have never heard of or listened to Coldplay, I strongly suggest for you to listen to the song Fix You. These songs lyrics relate to a mood or feeling we all have experienced at one point in our life and really gets you thinking about the important people or person in your life and how much they mean to you. The song really makes you discover the important people in your life and the amount of love you have for them. After listening to the lyrics you will discover the extent of things that you would do for those you love. This song and band is one of a kind that could change your outlook and perception of the important things in life. Below is a link for the song if you decide to listen to it, which I strongly suggest!


  1. Ive definitely come across some Coldplay before but never heard that song until now! I agree that we all have some music or certain song we will listen too in different moods to achieve a different feeling. I like the song you shared

  2. I completely agree with the power of music. I myself have been playing the piano and guitar for many years, and I agree with how relaxing it can be. Music can work in weird ways and I find that everyone should try exploring the different ways music can help you.

  3. couldn't agree more with you, music is around us all the time and is a great way to escape even when you're just relaxing at home or on a car ride, when you're working out or even just hanging out with friends. It affects our moods and can be a great escape when one needs it! I also love coldplay and this song so good choice!

  4. I agree with you about how powerful music is. Fix You is one of my favorite songs and it definitely helps when you're in one of those moods


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