Sunday, December 7, 2014

Exploration 8 - Mitchell Huge

Mitchell Huge

Exploration 8

Part 1
One piece of writing that I enjoyed and thought I did well on was essay #2, in which we got to write about something that changed our lives. I chose to talk a lot about the house that nearly took my life, the divorce of my parents and everything that has transpired since then and how it has affected me. I particularly liked this essay because it gave you the freedom to talk about whatever you wanted too. "When you think of nearly being killed in a house fire, nothing good usually comes into mind. I can say that this tragedy cemented a friendship with my om that can never be destroyed. Its sad that a near death experience can bring people so close but it is so true". i chose to share this because this was something in my life that was very influential on who I am today.

Part 2
Something i believe some people dont do enough and they should is workout or be active in any way. In no way am i one of the people that lives in a gym, counting carbs or other stuff like that but i think being active multiple times a week can simply make you feel better psychically. Working out doesn't take all day nor is it  exhausting or fatiguing. So i think if you don't workout or be very active you should try because it is so good for you and it is extremely easy and fun.

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  1. That's crazy, I bet that was really scary to be apart of. I like how you said when a near death experience can bring people together.. couldn't agree more. I have had a few and it really opens your eyes up to one another. I also agree, not only is being active good for your body but your mind as well.


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