Sunday, December 7, 2014

Exploration 8- Danny Lucia

One of the papers I am proud of would have to be my personal essay. It was my favorite paper to write and it brought back a lot of good memories. I think that it made me realize how much my life has changed in a short period of time. I really took pride in this essay and spent time putting in details. One example of this is when I said, " The field was just redone, which made it look immaculate. The dirt was crisp, brown and had a really nice feeling on my cleats. The batters-box had new paint and so did the foul lines. The school even paid for new bases, which were as white as snow because they hadn't been touched. The outfield looked like a golf course because the coaches did an awesome job keeping great care of the grass." I had never put so many details in a paper, but I saw that it improved my paper tremendously. This was one of the papers where I improved my quality of writing. I was proud of it because I improved compared to my first essay. I also like the message that I put at the end of my essay, "I could feel my behavior change because I now liked volleyball more than baseball. Baseball was everything to me freshman year and my behavior changed dramatically in a short period of time. Throughout the year I learned to try new things that I might not have given a chance. I could feel this transfer to everything that I did the rest of the year. My behavior also changed because I stopped making assumptions that things were going to be exactly how I wanted them to be. I had to accept that things might be different than what I assumed. This transition from freshman to sophomore year made me a more open minded person." This part really put summed up what I learned from my experiences.

 This is an article about a doctor who was working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. He contracted the virus and got very sick. His name is Dr. Ian Crozier and they describe him as a soft spoken and genial person. Dr. Crozier ended up surviving, which is amazing because Ebola destroys a person's physical state. It said that he was the sickest patient that they had in the hospital at the time. It is amazing how someone can fight through this and it makes me really happy. The article talked about how he lost a lot of muscle and almost 30 pounds of weight. It makes me feel really lucky that I don't have to deal with this right now. He was only 44 years old, so if he would have died it would be a really bad loss. I think that they really need to do more so that Ebola doesn't spread throughout the U.S. Also I think that they need to do a lot more to protect doctors.
This is a picture of Dr. Crozier and some of the patients he treats.


  1. This is really scary to think about. It is very sad that this doctor got sick but also a miracle that he survived. I agree that we should try to do as much as we can to stop the outbreak and Im sure doctors are doing everything possible and continuing to research ways to do so. But like you said we need to do a better job of protecting our doctors so they can protect everyone else!

  2. this article was pretty interesting because i haven't really seen the side of Ebola from the doctors perspective.

  3. I like the passage you picked out from your personal paper! You put in a lot of detail and it was really descriptive. It made to even more personal.


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