Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Exploration 8 Chandler Fullenkamp

"It is in a little shopping center close to downtown Dublin.  It has a bunch of small shops and a couple restaurants to eat at.  The store itself is smaller than the regular Kroger so it hides with all the other shops.  When you walk in you will see the customer service desk and the 5 registers.  If you look to the left you would see the 6 self-checkout registers.  The registers that we use aren’t anything special, it’s just a conveyor belt to bring the groceries to me, the scanner, and another belt on the other side to bring the scanned groceries to the bagger.  At the beginning of the register they have all the little things like candy and magazines.  There is about 20 aisles in the store with the usual various departments like the deli department and the bakery and the meat department.  In front of where I stand is the scanner and the keyboard to type in the codes for the fruits and vegetables."

This paragraph is from our literacy narrative essay.  I chose to talk about my work and I think this paragraph was one of my best writings of the year.  I think I had very good description about my work and what it is like to walk and what I see.  I think that my literacy narrative was one of my best essays too.

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