Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7

Why We Are Not All Really Doomed

This blog post written by Mr. Money Mustache is about how in today's society everyone believes that the only thing that is for certain in the future is that of being doomed. Everything in the world is telling us to either be ready to embrace the doom that is to come or that we must recover from a doomed event that is or has happened. We believe this to the point of actually letting our minds believe that this is true and letting it have an affect on our future and dreams to the point of crushing whatever hope we had of a great future. Mr. Money Mustache states that as long as society believes in staying "happy, productive, and cooperative" everything will be fine. Just like his nail gun, even though the material in China became more expensive to make the nail gun, the nail gun still continued to get cheaper because we decided to learn exactly how it was made, so that when disaster stuck, we were able to stay productive with the new knowledge we have learned. The bottom line of the blog post was to have a positive out look on life, not only thinking everything will get worse, but that things we only get better, and because of that to not be afraid to take risks, especially financially.

One strength this article had was how it was able to use comparisons of real life experiences Mr. Money Mustache has been through to show you how to look at things financially too. Which can really help the reader better understand how he came to this mind set of thinking towards the future as being positive all the time and how even in the worse circumstances things can get better, if we choose to make it better. "Understand that everything is currently Fucking Great, and base all decisions on the general belief that things will continue to get more Fucking Great all the time.

Another strength of this article was his ability to create a bullet pointed chart when he made a strong point, and would make it clear and easy to understand, which is something all readers look for when trying to understand a new concept. He also goes on from transitioning from one bullet chart of main ideas into another bullet pointed chart of how that advice relates to finances. "Invest your time in furthering your own education, health, and meaningful relationships, rather than drowning in worry, consuming passive entertainment, or protecting yourself from failure."

Mr. Money Mustache has a really unique informal writing style, which is exactly why I believe he is so popular to the public. He writes in a way that is actually what people are thinking without having to censor anything that might not be to vulgar for individuals, even if that is what they are thinking. I believe that the younger, modern generation of people would follow his blog posts because they are straight to the point and is able to make it so it sounds like a real person going through the same struggles is writing about the topic. One the other hand, individuals that are very formal and like the sense of having a good credited sources telling them information might not enjoy his blog posts, but I am an individual that liked everything he was doing with his blog.

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