Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7

The blog that I chose to read for the Mr. Money Mustache was called Fear is just a Chemical.  It was about how he woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and was scared.  The emotions he was feeling were just chemicals and adrenaline in response to the bad dream.  Worry and fear are completely controlled by the mind and a person has the ability to cure fear.  "All fear, unless it involves rapidly moving weapons, teeth, or claws, is actually bullshit." Meaning you can control your reaction to fear by getting in the mind set that you don't actually fear the thing or situation.  "All fear can be cured" by attacking it with the mind and realizing that fear is just a chemical.

I found a big strength in this blog post to be the use of the story about the nightmare at the beginning to make a connection to the audience.  Waking up from a nightmare is a good example of what appears to be an unavoidably fearful situation but he still goes into telling you about how its only a chemical response that can be controlled with the mind.

A weakness about this blog post is he doesn't really go into a lot of detail on how exactly you're supposed to overcome your fears.  He gave a logical explanation for how fear is only a chemical response in your brain and how theres a way to get over it but he did not give much more detail than that.

I really liked the writing style that Mr. Money Mustache used in the post that I read.  I think that what makes this blog so popular is that he writes about relatable topics that people can learn a lot from.  Some people might not enjoy his writing style because he uses a lot of curse words and informalities that some types of people might not enjoy reading.  I think that the type of people that would read this blog are the ones that are trying to either improve their financial situation of life situation overall.  I really enjoyed the post that I read and I think that I will read more blog posts by Mr. Money Mustache.

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