Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7

Give Yourself the Gift of Not Worrying About Money

This article was all about the way people can frivolously spend money and then panic when it becomes short. And I really enjoyed it, i found it relate-able and humorous. He basically says to cut out the dumb little things you spend money on, like a $5 cup of coffee every morning, and it'll help you not to worry about things running out so much. He also states that you'll more than likely be richer when you're older so it is okay to spend carelessly one night and to enjoy making those little mistakes. He talks about how his friend once said to him "Dude. Chill out. You're already rich, and thus it is time to start living that way". All because you have money saved doesn't mean you HAVE to go and spend it on something crazy.  To sum it up its about cutting out bullshit "luxury" spending.

This article is probably very good for people who are about 10 years in to their career. By then they probably have a little more financial security then someone who is 20. I think one weakness is that
I think this is kind of a dangerous thing to say is okay. Personally my parents pay for a lot of my stuff like my care and gas and school, so the money I make from work is my money to spend however i please. But I know that can't last forever and that eventually for a few years spending $200 in one night could cause a big problem.

One strength is that it was easy to read. He made it easy to understand and I like that he put some humor into it. He has a lot of knowledge on this topic. And I really liked that he brought up the ways of spending on "luxury" things could be a problem. I definitely know if i cut out my daily starbucks trips to maybe once or twice a week id be saving a lot of money.

I dont think someone who spends without thinking and is in denial of it would like this; it's probably more financial adive they dont want to hear. But definitely people who are always running out of money and can't figure out why should. It had some good tips and offers a little bit of comfort with thinking about how one day you won't have to worry.

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