Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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How to Ride Your Bike All Winter- And Love It

In Mr. Money Mustaches’ article, he talks about how people have no excuse to ever stop riding their bikes. He believes that you can ride your bike 8-10 months out of the year. If people say that they stop because of winter he thinks they are “wussies who need to learn to use their brains and buy warmer clothes.” He included what types on clothes to wear for, in different temperatures, the most comfortable ride. He uses his background knowledge from living in Ontario Canada, which is known to have brutal winters, as a basis for what to wear here in the U.S. 

I believe that Mr. Money Mustache did a very good job on the research part of this article. You can tell that he put a lot of thought and effort into trying different methods in different temperatures to see what would be the most comfortable for his readers. Here is an example of what he considers best to wear in “California Winter Nights Chilly: 50-68F (10-20C): All you need is some jeans and a sweater or light jacket. A nylon shell coat works well, since these can be fairly rainproof. Remember, you’ll be pumping your legs and burning calories at about five times your normal rate, so you tend to be warmer when biking than you might expect.” He is obviously someone who tests out what he is talking about, so he would never tell you to do something without first trying it himself. He has a picture of all the gear that he wears when biking, and its exactly what you would think. He also tells stories about when he was younger riding his bike in Ontario, and biking his kid to school even when there is snow on the ground. 

One thing that I didn’t like was how much he seemed to criticize people in this article. He started with talking about how people in what he considers places that don’t get very cold, complain about how they can’t ride their bikes because of the winter. We get it, you lived in Canada, but not everyone is used to that type of weather, and so maybe their winters are cold to them. In this quote he talks about how the where he lives, they doesn't really have a winter and how much people need to break this habit of driving your cars. “I learned about “Clothes” by growing up in Canada, where they are required to survive the winter. Now that I live in a region of the US that does not have an actual winter, but rather just a season where the stream of warm sunny days is very occasionally interrupted by snowstorms, I regularly encounter people whose only strategy of dealing with cold weather is to hide in their cars.  This is an inefficient, expensive, and wussypants habit, and it’s time to break it once and for all.” All I know is that there may be some people who just really don’t like the cold, or riding a bike, and I don’t think that they should be called names just because they don’t have the same ideals.

The writing style is an easygoing and informative. He writes like he is talking to an old friends, but seems to have done his research, and knows what he is talking about. It is a very easy read, that someone who is looking to find tips on how to ride their bikes in the winter would have a very easy time locating what they should do to make that possible. I believe that reason alone is what makes this a popular article. I think that somebody, not into physical activity, or someone who doesn’t like to ride a bike, or the cold weather would not like this article, but based on the title, I don’t think that they would go out of their way to read it anyways. I thought the blog was fine, besides what I stated above, it seems Mr. Money Mustache knows what he’s talking about, and if I ever feel the need to ride my bike in the winter, I will most definitely take his advice on what to wear.


  1. Mr. Money Mustache has a good point. We can complain about weather but you can dress warmer and in the end you are not complaint about the lack of money in your wallet. My only thing is that I live 20 minutes from work and 45 from school, someday hopefully ill live close to my job, id love to ride a bike to places and get exercise too

  2. I really like the ways of saving money that he uses. The example that we can ride our bikes to places 8-10 months out of the year is very true. He teaches many ways to save money and it is very easy and enjoyable.

  3. From your summary of the article i can assume i would agree with you the fact that you didn't like how much he criticized people. The author seems to be very opinionated and almost gives off a cocky persona in his writing, something im not much of a fan of.

  4. I liked your opinion on Mr. Money Mustache's writing style. I agree with you, it is like he's writing to an old friend, but at the same time does seem to know what he's talking about!


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