Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 7- Tony Frantz

King for Just One Day talks about the luxurious things in life, and how they seem to be some of the greatest things that we enjoy. Mr. Money Mustache talks about his experience in Hamilton Ontario as he vacations and gets to enjoy new things. Some of these new things that he did was touring the nicest district of a historic city, drink new kinds of beer with interesting new people, eating in a stylish Colombian restaurant, riding in a brand-new luxury motorboat, and riding around in the fast and expensive cars of various friends. He then talks about how amazing these things are but for only some people. The people who can afford these expensive luxuries simply over time have less and less fun with them and don’t enjoy them as much as before. He also explains how we all have once had something we enjoyed very much, but over time it becomes less appealing, causing us to want to find something else that brings us excitement. Once we obtain this new item or excitement, the fun only last for so long before it becomes something we no longer enjoy. He then concludes his writing by explaining not to idolize these things, and to simply enjoy them for what they are.

One great thing that Mr. Money Mustache talked about was his motorcycle that he had bought in 2001. He says that the best riding experience was the first day he took it up into the mountains. He then said as quoted, “If I bought myself that Tesla Roadster I occasionally fantasize about, the peak experience would again be those first few days or weeks of ownership”. He realizes that he already has a motorcycle that he once enjoyed a lot, and if he were to buy the Tesla Roadster, all of the excitement would be lost after the first few weeks or month just like he did with the bike he has now.

Another great thing that Mr. Money Mustache talked about was the lower-income people and rich people. It is clear that many low-income people want the life and luxuries that the rich have, but Mr. Money Mustache believes if the low-income people understood the feeling of being reach, than they would no longer want the high life. As quoted, “Lower-income people can lose their envy of the rich by learning that a life of constant luxury is not any better than a life of simplicity punctuated by the plentiful novelty that Life automatically invents for us. And rich people can lose their slavery to their own wealth by learning that seeking out constant luxury is like listening to a radio where someone flips from one station to the next every few seconds. Listen to the whole damned song! Then listen to the whole album, and if you can handle it, try making some of your own music”.

Mr. Money Mustache uses an argumentative writing style that questions how great it really is to experience and own luxuries things. He uses many personal examples throughout his life where he comes to realize the difference between enjoying and idolizing a thing. This subject is so popular because there are millions of people around the world who still have yet to come to this understanding and are oblivious to the thrilling items that they already own. Many low-income people may not like this blog due to living in poverty for so long and wanting a taste of the high life and American dream. I personally understand and agree with Mr. Money Mustache and will read more of his blog to see what other life things and experiences I am oblivious to.


  1. This article is really true. We always idolize things and think we need them. We expect happiness from these things but in the end down the road we realize we didn't really need it. Things will only keep our attention for a limited time before something new and better is out that we want.

  2. This is such an interesting article. I liked reading about the motorcycle because it shows what kind of interests he has. A lot of the stuff is true and I can relate this to my life. One example is when he says, "Once we obtain this new item or excitement, the fun only last for so long before it becomes something we no longer enjoy." I need to stop doing this.

  3. This blog is really relevant to a lot of people in this world and kinda or correlates to my blog I read. In this one he talks about the luxuries people love to have and spending money but how that is really only nice for a short time and not even really worth it. In my article he talks about how we can lessen our need for luxuries if we take the time to appreciate what nature has to offer versus the tv or a luxurious store.

  4. I agree with the authors point made in this article. People really do tend to idolize materialism as oppose to enjoying the luxury it brings these days. Some people act as if its important what you have more than the enjoyment the owner is really getting out of it.

  5. This is a very interesting article, I actually thought about reading this article. I completely agree about how as Americans we idolize wealth and it can overpower the rest of our priorities.


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