Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7 - Mitch Huge

Mitch Huge

Through out this article, Mr. Money Mustache tells you about all the joys of having your own business. In the article he tells you to in vision a job environment where you don't have a Nagy boss and you make your own rules. It goes through real life situations where being your own boss can be very convenient. Like when you are raising your children or when you wake up in the morning and your only obligation is the coffee maker. Also, it gives you a step by step on how to start a business, basically like How to Start a Business for Dummies.

Mr. Money uses good persuasive language to tell you about how amazing it is to become your own boss. “Imagine, being your own boss!”, I would think. “Why, you could set your own working hours, or even your own working Seasons!”. “Man, the first thing I would do is strike Mondays entirely from the work schedule.”

I wish it would have told more about the downsides of owning your own business because obviously it is not this easy to be successful from a business like he describes it.

In this blog post Mr. Money uses a good persuasive language to convey the reader to think that self employment is what we should all be doing. Their really isn't an audience that wouldn't like this post because it is just an informative post about how to be successful with your own small business.

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