Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Exploration 7 Mary Knab

The Joy Of Part-Time Work

The blog that I chose was very interesting to me. I chose it because I work part time and I wanted to see Mr. Money Mustache's view and joy of part time work. There are many joys in part time work for many reason. The flexibility of when you can work and the way it can work with school, family, personal is why people do tend to lean towards part time work. There were many good points in this blog that talks very highly of part time work. Most people think that part time may pay less and not be very sustainable as a job. Mr. Money Mustache changes that view in this blog.

 He states that, "But your personal life will take an even bigger leap upwards. Imagine: EVERY weekend is a long weekend. An extra fifty-two days, or Ten Weeks, of vacation per year. Your free time jumps by 50%. You can use the extra day for self-development: sleep in a bit, do a huge workout and/or bike ride, get the groceries, read a book, practice a new skill, then cook a fancy dinner for yourself or your family. Isn’t that better than the fifth day of work?"

I loved this statement because it actually talks about how working part time may be very beneficial in the end. I work part time and always wish that I could work full time and work more to earn more money and experience. This blog proves that even with part time you can earn almost the same without having to be there. He also states that the business does need your help and that many people feel less stable jobs are part time but that isn't the case.

I also really respected how Mr. Money Mustache said, "When you work at your own pace, however, everything changes. You get to decide what your goals are each week, and balance your work production against other things that are important to you". Those two sentences were very beneficial to me because it gave me motivation to work at my own pace, with not only work but school. You can control your goals and I really respected that line. I feel as if many people will rush you in the business and school but you have to go at your own pace to get things accomplished to your maximum worth. 

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