Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 7- Jess Miller

Your Money or Your Life
By: Jess Miller
     Your Money or Your Life was a book written by an original mustachian named Joe Dominguez.  He apparently grew up in the ghetto, made it out to land a great job in the Wall Street financial sector, saved about $70,000 by age 30 in 1969 ($423k inflation-adjusted to today), and he never accepted money for any of his work for the rest of his life. Eventually, the efforts coalesced into the book called Your Money or Your Life, which became a big seller and really helped the word start spreading.
     In this article, Dominguez does a really good job of giving us the low-down of exactly what his book consists of and the different "steps" that he goes by in his book.  For example, Step 1 is to "Make Peace with Your Past" and it helps you to think about how much you spend, how much you hold onto to or how much you spend on "unnecessary" things. He states that there is "no reason to beat yourself over past mistakes".  He tends to give us a lot of information and break things down step-by-step and then goes on to even explain each step or each "chapter" of his book. This is a strength that he has while writing his article. 
     Although, in his article he tends to have a little trouble explaining what the actual point of the book is.  He gives what the book consists of, the steps/chapters and what those are about but I don't exactly know or get the point of the book itself.  I would of liked to of read more about what the main points of writing this book were.
     The writing style of this article is very organized I feel like.  Like I said before, he went through the article just giving us step-by-step how his book was organized.  "Your Money or Your Life is a wise book, and the authors were clearly motivated by what they saw was a pointless death march of society".  Reading these steps to saving or managing your money were actually very helpful to me because everyone knows when you get your next paycheck at work, what do you want to do?  Spend it.  Well, Joe helped me to realize that I need to manage your money better.  I feel like this article relates to everyone and I feel as if everyone would enjoy and get use out of this article.  It is very helpful. 

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  1. This was crazy how much you can be inspired by other people. I was inspired and I now see how easy it will be to save money. I can do this and I think I will start.


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