Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7: Jenn Peddicord

How to make money buy happiness

This article was very knowledgable about how to spend you money wisely. He talked about how we as a society are always living pay to check to pay check not necessarily because we have to but because we no longer know how to budget. He talked about how majority of the time we go into debt is because we spend way more past the point of what we "need". He talked about saying more then enough, and even though it won't make you feel better that you put more money toward a fund that is already secure, do it. Save your money. Know that money can provide happiness as far as being financially independent and debt free. He ended with a few "equations" or goals for his readers to set that would be helpful to build your financial security. 

One strength he had in the article was suggesting don't buy things, buy experiences. I really liked that because so much of the time with financial advising it always save your money, and wait to buy things you need or want. He suggested save the money but instead of holding off to buy just another item, buy a trip. Make memories experience things. I think that was a very good piece of advice. Another strength was, he made it relatable. He was firm in the advice and the guidelines he set but also, showed a side of understanding as to why we are drawn to those things.

One weakness to this article was that he didn't give a ton of direct advice as far as planning out a financial track with saving. He gave a few examples how but didn't give a step to step plan which I think would've been helpful. Also, he didn't back up his points with direct evidence or proof. 

I really enjoyed the writing style of this article. It was personal and relatable. I think the content of this blog is useful for majority of americans and its cool that he is actually living out what he is preaching. He is not just making money off telling people how to manage their finances but is still being humble and smart with his money, even though he is making more now then before he started the blog. I think its so popular because of his sarcastic humor but also his willingness to be open about his struggles. 

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  1. I definitely think this article was relatable. People definitely don't budget how they should and I've seen friends who spend on clothes or go out to eat everyday and then they don't have enough for rent


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