Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7 - Jarrod Mautz

"If I Woke Up Broke"

In this blog Mr. Money mustache talks about what he would do if one day all of his families assets (Houses, Income, 401k savings, etc..) suddenly disappeared. In the article he expresses the importance of initially having high paying jobs that will yield much more then they spend annually. 
he then goes on to state the importance of a frugal lifestyle in the initial money saving/building process. Throughout the remainder of the blog he then goes on to lay out all of his expenses, their importance, and how much each expense will approximately cost each year.

In this article he gives very valid points on the importance of being "Cheap" for the first few years and why it is a good decision to do so. He also does a good job laying out his exact plan of how to do so. He figures that with his yearly income from either his engineering job or local maintenance business along with his wife's annual income they would net a yearly income of about $150,000. After going through all of his expenses he then figures his family would only spend about $29,000. Mr. Money Mustache then goes on to say "Given the income above, and combined with the tax savings provided by maximum 401(k), contributions this would lead to roughly an 80% savings rate, on an after-tax basis. And when you look up what "happens with an 80% savings rate, you can see that we’d be financially independent yet again in about 5.5 years." To me that is an incredible outcome regarding the amount of time it took to do so.

He also does an awsome job relating to the reader, in the sense that he uses good logic that most people may agree with. In the beginning of the blog he states "One of the keys to a resilient life is reminding yourself that you currently have it very good compared to how things could be, and that if the going ever got tough, you could easily re-train your Frugality Muscles to be bigger than ever before. The moment you convince yourself that your current life could not be improved and you are entitled to everything you now have, is the moment you become a helpless Consumer Sucka." Not only does he uses some slang which may make the article more appealing and less formal for younger readers, but he also gives good insight to how everyone should evaluate their circumstances in a country as privileged as the U.S.

I think the blog is definitely geared towards the younger early 20's to mid 50's range. Do to his use of slang he makes the blog more informal which may not be as appealing to people who are looking for serious financial advice or a site for research purposes. I personally enjoyed the blog because i feel as if i can relate to MMM and have the same mindset as him when it comes to building wealth. However It takes money to make money, so I don't think he does a very good job catering to the audience with lower income levels.


  1. I think your article sounds very interesting! I like how you pointed out that his slang relates to a younger reader group. Your article sounds similar to my article so I might try to read your as well.

  2. I completely agree with you in saying that his blog posts are more gear toward the younger, more modern generation. I also agree that it is important to have a lifestyle that is somewhat frugal.

  3. This article sounds like its very informative. He is totally relatable in his writing


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