Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 7-Haia

In this blog post, Mr. Money Mustache preaches that it is nice to spend your money on luxuries every once in a while, but not all the time. He considers luxury as a drug because it is nice to have for a little bit but there are many negative effects afterwards. Rather than spending your money on luxuries during your everyday life, it is best to treat yourself with it as a reward every once in a while.

I think the strengths of this article is that he uses a lot of real life examples, most of which are from his experiences. You can actually relate to him because the examples happen to almost everyone. He mentions why it is good to spend on luxury and how bad it would be if you spent it everyday. There are positives and negatives from this "drug" and if you continue to use it, the negatives will soon pile up. "But the key to all drugs is that they come with a balance of positive and negative effects.  So only a fool would overdose on any of them in a breathless pursuit of their positives, while ignoring the well-documented negatives."

One weakness that this article has would probably be that he does not give as many examples of what other luxuries there could be. Or how often we should treat ourselves with it. He mentions that we should do it every once in a while and not everyday, but he does not specifically say when we should feel the need to do so. Because some people may want to treat themselves more than others, which is not a good thing either.  Think of it as part of an exploration of the full human experience: many luxury products are, after all, the culmination of the art and science and effort of your fellow humans. But approach it from a position of strength,  rather than the whining dependence that most of your fellow rich people develop."

I think this is convenient for every person who reads it because it can relate to everyone, no matter how much money you have. No one wants to overspend so you have to be responsible about how much luxury to buy for yourself. I like the writing style because it is used like everyday talk and it is very easy for everyone to understand. He also makes it funny when he uses his examples and how he feels about everything. Someone who might not enjoy this could be someone who does not like to be told how much they should be spending, even though they should be aware.


  1. What was the title of your article?

    You stated in your article that Mr. Money "considers luxury as a drug because it is nice to have for a little bit but there are many negative effects afterwards" I feel like I can definitely agree/relate to this because I have been independent since I was about 15 years old. With that being said, I have purchased my own car and my own apartment but now those things aren't even a big deal anymore, well, compared to when I first got them. So I can 100% agree with your response to this article.

  2. I like his comparison to luxury being a drug. This seems like an informative article. I should probably totally read this considering my spending habits haha

  3. I really liked your summary and feel that I can definitely relate to what you're talking about. And I was also wondering what the title of your article is.


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