Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7-Emilia Martin

In the blog post "Get Rich With: Nature", Mr. Money Mustache talk about exactly what the title says. He mentions how a lot of people live their lives very materialisticly and seem to ignore the very thing that is surrounding every day, all the time; nature. Everyone, including Mr. Money Mustache, have 'things' and 'toys' that they have spent money on to have a nice living and fill their house up. But how many people actually take the time out of their day to appreciate nature? After all it is what made up the very world we live in. Mr. Money Mustache talks about how mother nature has made us and all the amazing creatures, sights, smells and much more but people often forget to pay attention to mother nature; we take her for granted with all our 'toys'. He says we should start riding our bikes more instead of driving cars, we should go outside more versus being cooped up inside watching tv, he even mentions how one can buy some land for the spare change in their wallet. Mostly just by appreciating nature more we will become rich with answers we may be searching for, just in the wrong place, and that we will learn from nature and understand live a little more.

One strength in this blog post is Mr. Money Mustache does a good job of explaining the importance of the earth and nature and all it has to offer. When I was reading about the land that we can live on and appreciate it made it seem real. Now of course it's "real" and understandable because living with nature and realizing how amazing it can be is not a difficult concept to understand but it makes it seem more attainable and makes you want to take action and be apart of it right now. "Nature is a hub that pulls in the good aspects from every corner of life and combines them for you automatically. You get healthier, because the fresh air and great physical effort that are part of being outside are exactly what your body has been craving. " He does a good job of making it seem like nature is apart of us...which it is.

Another great thing he did in this post was personifying nature to make us relate a little bit more. His whole point is to show how awesome nature is and not appreciate it more so when the earth is more human, we can connect with her easier. Mr. Money Mustache quotes mother nature saying “Oh No, you AIN’T gonna ignore ME. … I MADE you, Sukka!” This plays in to his more informal writing style and shows the audience that the earth needs us just as much as we need it. 

Mr. Money Mustache's writing style is very informal with his audience. I like what he has to say because he says exactly what is on his mind and by doing this he reaches his audience on a whole new level because he can relate to them. No one wants to listen to someone rant about an idea they have unless they can relate to it and find meaning. Mr. Money Mustache included himself in the population when he says we don't appreciate nature and have a lot of material things at home, "All of those things you’ve bought are pretty awesome. I’m not going to deny it, because I have an equal number of cool things myself." So when he says that people need to take a moment to realize what nature can do he talks about himself as well connects his audience and makes the blog more beneficial and interesting to us as readers. 


  1. I think Mr. Money Mustache had a cool view on this subject. I don't really ever think about how people are so caught up in their every day lives, they don't take the time to appreciate the world around them!

  2. I like how concerned he is about nature since not many people car about it anymore. I also like his writing style towards this subject because it kind of gets people thinking and become a little concerned themselves.


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