Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 7: Danny Lucia

Haters Gonna Hate (but not mate)

In this blog post Mr. Money Mustache first talks about how he was honored to have his blog in the Wall Street Journal.  Then he got a lot of emails from his friends that said, “Sorry about all the harsh comment, keep up the good work.” So once he saw that there were harsh comments he decided to dig through them all and find the worst one of them all. The one that he pulled out was, “What a load of crap, this person saved 600k between finishing college and his 30th birthday? Oh, and paid of his mortgage? Piece of cake. Mind numbingly idiotic article.” MMM called these people haters. He explained to everyone that making these types of comments are highly unnecessary and tried to figure out why they did this. He jokingly said that it might have come from our ancestors and these haters are trying to gain social status. Then he went on to say that he was of no threat to them, so he doesn’t understand why they hate. He was calling these hate comments a complete waste of time for people. All they did was refresh their beliefs by commenting.

One thing that he did well in this article was proving the haters to be irrational. I really liked how he used the ancestors’ example. He said, “All this silliness may have made sense when life, death, and sex were at stake. But to see it applied in modern times to a financial blogger who attempts to share the benefits of a lower-consumption lifestyle with the rest of the world can be pretty funny.” This really made me understand that there was no reason to be so negative towards someone else’s views. It would just be a waste of my time to be one of these haters. Another thing that I liked was when he said,” And this advice applies to haters and complainers in every niche. If you find yourself complaining about a situation, boss, politician, celebrity, or any other random person in the news, you can catch yourself early and avoid the hater trap.” By doing this he related it to everyone in the real world and not just on his blog.

The weakness of the article is that I think that he should’ve used more of the hater’s comments in this post. I really liked reading the comments that he gets on some of his posts. I would just like to see more of what he is dealing with. The reason for this is because I don’t see very much proof that he is getting a lot of negative comments. If he put more of these comments in there, rather than just one, then we could see what goes through.

The reason that this blog is so popular is because he is very funny and keeps the reader interested. I think that if you didn’t have a sense of humor then you wouldn’t understand what he is talking. I think that college students would be the best people to read his blog because I think his writing style relates to them more. I think that I would sometimes be the hater. So after reading this blog I need to stop being so negative towards some people. I really enjoyed this blog. I think that I will read more so I can learn more about this interesting person.


  1. I think this is a great article, and agree with the many things that he stated. I think its funny how he called out his "haters" and joked around with them. His sense of humor in this blog really makes it easy and enjoying to read. Nice work!

  2. I like this article because in anything you do, people will criticize your work. Some things can be hurtful but in the end all you can do is make that your motivation. Well done

  3. I liked what you said in this post. And I agree with Mr. Money Mustache. People will always have "haters" in their lives who will critique and give their opinion about things which is what makes the world go around, people have to give their comments for others to prove things and make ideas real or whatever. So the fact that he just used these rude comments as a motivation is really inspiring.


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