Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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Hypermiling: Expert Driving to Save 25% on Gas

This article by Mr. Money Mustache discusses ways you've never thought of, to save trips at the pump. He breaks it up into a list of 8 key factors to pay attention to while driving that in the end could save you up to 25% on gas, by not having to fill up as often. His first two sections are about highway and city driving. He talks about how to get the best fuel economy for your car and that is between 25-65 mpg. In city driving he sarcastically says, "if you have to break you're making a mistake." obviously you don't want to hit the person in front of you but by being more aware of cars 2, 3, 4 cars ahead, you can plan better. You want to try to never come to a complete stop. Another good thing about being more aware of your driving is that you become a better, safer driver as well. Little things you can do while driving on the high way is drive behind trucks, your car waste up to 50% of fuel just fighting air resistance. One of the main things you can do to save gas is maximize coasting on neutral, then breaking wont be using fuel as well. You save a lot of fuel by turning off your car for any event where you're sitting still for longer than 10 seconds. So don't sit with you car in the driveway on waiting for someone. Turn your car off! You will save sixty cents to $1.80 on gas per hour. Little things like not using air conditioning as often, putting in your mirrors to resist air, reducing weight and better driving habits can really save you in the end. Little steps don't seem like much or even worth it but when Mr. Money Mustache proves that he can get around 20 plus more mpg, really makes you think about your driving.

One thing Mr. Money Mustache does really good in his blog post, especially in this one, is he breaks it up into simple steps and then expands on them. His steps in order were, "city driving style, highway driving style, engines wastes gas when they're cold, engines are most efficient under fairly high throttle at low RPMs, coasting in neutral only saves a little bit of gas, and only on certain hills, when should I turn off my engine, how much gas does air conditioning really waste, what about headlights and other accessories,  and lastly vehicle modifications, small and large." All his main points were bolded and usually at the start of a new paragraph. I'm sure some readers will just read through and get to the main points of Mr. Money Mustache.

He did a really good job at making his main points easy to find but I feel like a weakness is that he adds in a lot of unneeded comments and such. This article was fairly long and could bore its readers. I believe it is part of his humor and wants to keep readers engaged but it is not necessarily needed in every paragraph. When talking about high way driving he said, "But when you are going 75, you should always have this song playing in your head:
“I am Mister Fancy, I am in a hurry, my time is so valuable that I am wasting gas. Wasting gas, wasting gas, look out world I’m wasting gas. Tomorrow I will save some gas, but today I’m wasting gas”. If you do not like my song, you can substitute “Mrs”. for “Mister” above, or even write your own and send it in." This is all unneeded and doesn't draw my attention to his point, I just start to think, "why am I reading this? Who even is this Mr. Money Mustache?"

I believe his blog is so popular, because in a time like today, money is short for most families and they're living paycheck to paycheck. Readers who will do anything to save money will be drawn to his story and his blog post. When you have someone like Mr. Money Mustache, with such a successful outcome for himself, it gives people hope for a better future themselves. His article is a sarcastically written list. I think he has good points and for a teenager like me only making $8.20, ill do anything to save more money. Ive already read a couple of his articles but getting to his main points quicker.


  1. I think I should read this article because my car is a huge gas hog and i spend about $70 dollars every week and half on gas because it has such bad milage so any tips i can get on saving gas money is well needed!

  2. This sounds like an interesting article that applies to most people. It seems like these days everyone is so concerned with the gas prices when in reality you can save more money by conserving gas as oppose to filling up when the price drops 10 cents a gallon.

  3. This article would probably be a great read for me because I might drive a little quick from time to time. I like how this article gives very in depth advice when it comes to doing the little things while driving.

  4. Its pretty cool that he thinks of all these ways to save gas, which can be very helpful. I think this is a good article because it relates to almost everyone. I'm all about saving money and gas so I definitely want to read this article.

  5. With the world worrying about gas prices and is always trying to find away to save money, I believe this article is great for just about anyone. I also agree with his strength of being able to break up main ideas which is something he did in my blog I read too.

  6. I think that based on your summary of this article, it is something that everyone should read because of all the good money saving ideas. I agree with your conclusion as to why his blog is so important.

  7. I agree that this article could relate to so many people since nowadays everyone relies on their cars as their transportation. And with gas prices constantly changing people are always worried about saving money. I feel like most people would enjoy reading this.


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