Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7 Chandler Fullenkamp

Seven weeks of Homelessness

This article talks about his experience of living homeless for 7 consecutive weeks.  Mr. Mustache and his whole family live with just the clothes on their back.  All he had was a old radio and laptop and just a duffel bag of clothes.  He talks about he and his family member lost all their close items but after the trip was over, he said he didn't even miss anything he left behind.  Being around all the fancy things at his house made him want to spend money to buy them, but realized that he doesn't need to spend the money because he knows how happy he was without anything.

Two strengths that this article had were that it reflected how it feels after returning from the trip.  Mr. Mustache said, "The part that was most amazing about the trip was that we were all truly happy – just as happy as we would have been here at home."  It cool to hear that they were happy if not happier to live that lifestyle.  Another strength that this article has it that he refers to his lifestyle throughout the article so that the readers get a background without reading previous articles on his blog.

Two weaknesses that this article had was that it started out after the trip was already over so you couldn't really tell what it was like to live homeless.  "At last, the Mustache Family has returned home to the plentiful comfort of the USA."  This is how the article started.  Also, the article could've put more depth on his hosts that he lived with for a short time.

The writing style in this article is a reflection on a past event which is shown by the content of the article.  It could be popular because it has good teaches good values and good ideas to try to improve yourself as a person.  People who would not enjoy this blog would probably people who are very materialistic and aren't open to trying something like going homeless.  I would like to try this but not for 7 weeks, I could probably go a week or two.  I liked the article because he kind of has a sense of humor while writing it.

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  1. I agree that not many people would actually do this. I would be the same way where I would only try it out for a few weeks. I don't think I could actually be capable of doing it for a long time.


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