Thursday, December 4, 2014

exploration 7 by Nate Allen

I read the article "How to carry major appliances on your bike". Aside from the funny title that kind of makes you think this is a joke it was a very informative article. Of course Mr. Money Moustache is about saving money the badass way and what more impressive way to save money on gas then to haul most everything with your bike. MMM is building the additions on his new house and instead of using the standard option of a truck to haul building materials he wanted to haul these materials by bike to eliminate the cost of gas. Since his old house, new house, and home depot are all within a 3 mile vicinity it makes perfect sense to find more efficient ways to haul the big stuff like kitchen table sets with chairs, oven, fridge, and old grill. It also gives yourself some great satisfaction to be so independent about this building process. 

This article is for proactive new homeowners that are perhaps trying to save money on the frequently used things, like cars. A definite strength in this article would be the fact that his advice and examples are very easy to understand. He makes the information about these products easy to identify whether or not this product is for you.

A weakness for this article would be that his writing is very biased towards his lifestyle so it may be off putting for those who are not as hardcore into this type of lifestyle. It can drive a portion of the audience away and on a sight where you are trying to get people to use your advice you definitely want to be very unbiased about the way you write. 

But other than a very few minor things this article is very well written and it includes a very interesting form of writing where it draws in most of the readers. "There is also some nice Bling in the form of well-finished fenders and a beefy curved aluminum hitch arm." is a line from his article where he shows his cheeky style of writing. He also has many lines where he addresses America's problems like inefficient transportation. "I can only imagine how embarrassed people must be to use one of these Odyssey behemoths to drive 50-pound kids to school, and yet it seems to be the most popular vehicle for this task." is another line that is quote funny and makes you think about how inefficient you are when going about your everyday issues.


  1. That's crazy that he actually put in all that effort of moving his valuables only 3 miles to just save some money. I personally would not do that because of how much time it would take, I do agree with your statement of him being bias because he out a large majority of people is one of the few who actually do that. Good work on the article!

  2. Its crazy to think that he actually uses his bike as his primary transportation. It definitely fits his lifestyle of saving money and its effective. I don't think I could do that because it is much easier to just get in your car, which sounds pretty lazy.

  3. Love how he lives his lifestyle to save money, even in the most craziest, far out ways imaginable. I agree though that this may not be a very valuable blog post for the average person to read.


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