Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fresh-Jonathan Shim

Would you eat the things you do, if you knew exactly where the food came from? In today's supermarket driven food supply world, local organic farmers are getting lost in the mix not being able to keep up with the industrial movement. Whenever individual need to gain access to a food source, we tend to go towards the foods we want, instead of thinking about where the food came from or how the food was made, and/or processed. "Americans fear only one thing, inconvenience", this was said by a George Naylor's foreign friend who was observing American's behavior. To fix the problem of not knowing exactly where we got our food, or how it was processed we must educate ourselves, and fix the problem of industrial farming.

When industrial farming started its upcoming, many farmers had no choice in whether or not to go industrial or stay organic. To continue being farmers, and to be economically stable, farmers had to go into change into a mono-cultural farm that specialized in one product. Taking out the multicultural farms led to the farms losing the nutrient cycle of plants and animals to work together. Which ultimately led to diseases and an abundant source of a single organism bacteria with nothing preventing the spread, killing many livestock of farms. The only prevention being the use of expensive antibacterial medicines, and continue use of antibacterial medicine because of how the bacteria is in such a high concentration that they are continually adapting to all sorts of medicine. Only a handful of farmers were able to stay organic farmers, and ended up finding out that without the use of all the new technology and medicines in mono-cultural farms, organic farms found it to be cheaper to stay organic. The organic farmers also found out that mother nature automatically uses the nutrient cycle to produce health livestock and crops, so organic farmers now mimic the natural cycle of life, how animals and plants rely on one another, and apply it in there farms. Proving that organic farms can produce just as much produce as an industrial farm. Now it's just up to the consumer to change there ways, so that we can have organic products available to everyone for a cheap price.

George Naylor's, a local farmer, had a foreign friend that once said, "Americans fear only one thing, inconvenience". This fact is true, especially when considering our willingness to change. The facts for why we should go back to the way our ancestors farmed are all there and have been proven to work. We as consumers must have the willingness to change for the start of a healthy food source that is higher in nutrients. Russ Kremer, a diversified family farmer and manager of Heritage Foods, said that, "We can change the entire food System, one farmer, one consumer, at a time." George Naylor also went on to say that in his lifetime he has seen the food industry change, and he believes that just how fast it changed, the industry can change back.

The idea of having the nutrient cycle be apart of our farms, and do all the work of fertilization, and breaking up bacteria has been lost in the industrialization of farms. If you add the nutrient cycle back in, we will be able to spend less on the prevention of disease, and more time in the nutrient of our foods. The nutrient cycle has been the main factor of organic farmers having an economical advantage over the industrial farmers, who have to by different fertilizers, insect repellents, medicines, and technology to use all the different things.

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