Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploration 6

While watching the film Fresh, it made me think a lot about the food that I eat. Most of the people in the documentary were farmers that were farming organic products, and animals, with no added pesticides or chemicals. One of the farmers Will Allen talked a lot about how people don't really know what is in the food that they buy and eat everyday. There was a lady towards the end that said her husband would always ask her, "Do you know what's in that?", to something she was eating, and she would always tell him to shut up, because they were hungry and didn't really care what is in it. I began to think about all the things that I eat, and how I have never really thought about what is in the things that I am eating, or how it came to be in the store, or restaurant that I bought it in. After learning all the facts and seeing everything that the people in this documentary had to say, I am ready to start learning more about where the food I eat is coming from, and how it go there.

A big part of what, to me, was a big issue was when they talked about the monoculture, and how when you have the same species of something growing together you can have so many problems concerning health for everyone involved in it.George Naylor talked about the fertility problem. That when you take the animals out of the equation and just grow the food, you ultimately kill the soil you're working with, and then you have to put more chemicals into the soil to get it to grow, and that causes pollution for the environment, so it's a lose-lose for everyone. But Naylor did also say that "You produce the most to survive." Which does make sense, they need to keep working, and making money, and with other people doing it for so much cheaper, the temptation would be overwhelming. 

But it is dangerous, and I don't think the risk outweighs the reward. When Russ Kremer told his story about being stabbed in the knee with a hogs husk, and how no medicine for usual strep was able to heal him, was particularly scary. If the pig had something like that who is to say whether or not another one somewhere does, and it ends up on someone's plate?

I thought that the Good Natured Family Farms that was started by Diana Endicort is a great idea, and more people should do that. I believe that it should become more well-known and that people should know that they can buy their groceries at a store that will tell them exactly where it came from. That there will be no added pesticides, or anything dangerous. People, in my opinion, will feel more healthy about themselves, and what they're eating. I plan on paying more attention to what I am eating, and where it came from.

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