Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploration 6

The film we watched in class over the past few days I found to be very interesting and educating.  Fresh touches base on how unhealthy most of the populations eating habits are and what subtle differences we can make to change our lifestyles for the better.  I agree with the viewpoint that  the film took.  Because I have grown up eating mostly organic due to my fathers preference, I have come to believe that eating organically is the way to go.  Fresh did a very good job of further educating me on the topic of organic foods.

Today in America, the goal is to produce as much food as possible as efficiently as we can.  Industrialized farming uses mono-cultures to grow and handle mass species.  This method is not found found in nature and because of the large quantity of animals and crowding, many have come to see this method of farming as inhumane.  "Nature will destroy mono-cultures" said by a farmer by the name of George Naylor.  That meant that because of unnatural ways of breeding and genetic alters, he animals were significantly more susceptible to death and disease. Another huge problem that occurs within mono-cultures is infertility.

Russ Kremer, a natural hog farmer, shared a lot in the film about what would happen if you put too many hogs in one place.  He had tried a more industrialized method and his pigs broke out in disease, which left him with the terrible obligation to kill the rest of the pigs off because they were infected.  The disease spread due to the feed that the animals were taking in.  After discovering this issue he changed his methods of raising the hogs and they ended up living to 14 years.  Another farmer by the name of  Andrew Kimball believed that "If you want to feed the world, don't become industrialized" because they industries are not out to make us healthier, they're out to make a profit.

A man named Will Allen brought in healthy food from his farm to better the lives of the people in his community. In doing this, he taught a lot of people about the importance of eating healthy and growing crops the right way.  The film did a very good job of educating its audience of the importance of healthy living and organic foods.

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