Thursday, November 13, 2014

Exploration 6 by Jarrod Mautz

The film Fresh by Ana Sofia Joanea brings up many interesting points concerning industrial farming and its affects on the surrounding environment vs. sustainable farmers and its pros and cons. The film also does an outstanding job bringing out facts and testimonials from professors and farmers who have been both industrial and sustainable farmers. I thought the film was very eye opening. The movie really nailed home the differences between cheap food produced from industrial farms vs organic food that is produced by local sustainable farmers. It also did an exceptional job showing the dangers and problems that come with industrial farming.

During the beginning of the documentary one of the professors recalls a conversation he had with his Pakistani roommate in college. His friend talks about how in Pakistan, most if not all the food they ate was freshly grown; he then goes on to say "Americans fear inconvenience." This quote became crucial to the documentary because if Americans weren't so reliant on convenience whether financial or physical, many of the problems with our agricultural system would not exist. Companies are so concerned with quantity instead of quality that they have become unconcerned to the quality of the soil and surrounding environment. Therefore, Industrial Farmers (corporate) create "Monocultures" to increase productivity. However, these monocultures can become very deadly amongst crops and livestock, because there is either a lack or surplus of waste left. For instance, on a farm where they only grow cows for companies, there is a surplus of manure since cows give off at least as much waste as a human per day. Therefore, when you are dealing with 4000+ cows it becomes pretty hard to get rid of this excess. Therefore, the manure becomes more and more concentrated, and diseases start to occur and mutate; which then makes farmers buy and inject each cow with antibiotics and other chemicals to keep them healthy.

Professor John Ikerd a agricultural economist stated that "Industrial Agricultural Systems are unsustainable."
Another Professor who is a sustainable farmer in rural Virginia stated "Nature doesnt like monocultures, so one way or another it will find a way to destroy them." Both quotes show the disapproval of industrial systems and monocultures and how important of a topic it is.

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