Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploration 6

Through out the movie fresh, I was lead in a direction to believe that large corporations are supplying people with food that is unhealthy and less nutritious than that produced by local farmers. I am in favor of all the local farmers who produce good organic crops without the use of GMOs and the use of antibiotics in animals, ETC. Crops and livestock are mishandled because the people taking care of them are more worried about how cheap everything is, not necesarilly about the health of the animals or the nutrients that the give to the consumers.

My choice comes from a segment in the video where they show basically the abuse of animals in chicken houses, feed lots, and where they raise some cows and pigs. They put 200,000 baby chicken in a barn and let them eat out of a single food line. This opened my eyes because these animals are fed food whose only purpose is to get the chickens to grow extremely fast. Disease runs rampant in these kinds of living conditions. They also showed a pig farm where they house 24000 pigs. This stuck out to me because they talked about where the waste of all these animals goes while they are crammed into a little barn. they stated that the bacteria created by these kinds of farms can actually be fatal to humans.

 One farmer that stuck out to me was Russ Kramer. Initially in his farming career he would use antibiotics on his livestock to prevent diseases. As he went along he started to notice that the antibiotics were dangers and only caused larger diseases that cant be affected by the antibiotics. After Russ came to this realization he quit using antibiotics and saved more than 14,000 dollars in the first year. Andrew Kimbrell used a couple of quotes that really stuck out to me. While in a conversation about big industry he said that "industrialized food is cheaper but far less nutritious" also a little later he said that " you get what you pay for" while referring to what people buy in the super market.

Good Nature Family farms really stuck out to me because i believe this world could use more people like this in the world. Dianne Endcott is the founder of this and she started a supermarket made mostly of local farmers products. She gets meat from farmers who use natural ways to raise and feed cattle. Also she gets the freshest crops that are made in ways so that they preserve all the nutrients, This reall stuck out to me because if more people started to do this it could maybe change the way people look at food and all the fresh food would make people more healthy.

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