Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploration 6- Nick Bogdue

I thought that Fresh was a good program, and thought it was very eye opening. I knew that fast food isn't good for you, but this showed and explained why it was bad for you. It talked about how the meat all starts out the same, but goes through different processing to make it different, and cheaper. This was something that really got to me, and was something that I never really thought about. There is a reason why McDonalds charges so little for the food, and it is because of all the things they add to the meat. Also, it is because some farmers don't care, and just cover their products with chemicals.


This program had actual farmers in it, talking about how food should be prepared on farms, and also talked about how it shouldn't be prepared. The farmers talked about how food shouldn't have all the added chemicals, but farmers all around the world are doing it anyway, and we are eating it. A lot of disease goes around, and can be deadly if not taken care of. Also, a lot of farmers just care about production speed, and not a lot about the quality of the ingredients they use. There are those few out there that actually care about how their products get treated, but not many do. Then, when it is time for the people to buy it, all they care about is how cheap or convenient the food is, and not as much about what is in it. One quote that really stood out to me, was, "Americans fear inconvenience." This stood out to me because it’s true, lately everybody is on the go, and is just looking for a quick meal.


"People don't care, as long as it tastes good." This is something that really stood out to me, because no one really even thinks about what is in their food anymore. All they care about is speed, and not how it is made. I'm not sure what it will take to get people to realize what the food they are eating is doing to their bodies. Honestly, I don't think people will ever stop eating junk food like McDonalds, because people will always tell themselves that they are busy and just need a quick meal. Even though Fresh was more about how farmers are trying their best to keep food pure, it is still related to how fast food is not prepared correctly.  Programs like Fresh are good to try and get people to realize what they are eating is not good, but people just ignore it and will continue to do so. There was a 95 year old man that would eat locally grown food, and he looked great, which proves that this food works.


They didn't really show too many images that were super gross to try and get you to stop eating fast food. But, rather showed how the good farmers took care of their farms, and did things the right way. I think they did a good job. Russ Kremer, a hog farmer, said something that really stood out to me, "People don't care about production value, but just want to be efficient." One way they did this is by using Cornish crosses, which is the fastest way to get chicken. It also showed different pictures of how animals were shoved into a small area, and were not treated very well. I think Will Allen made a big impact on me, because he went from corporate world to farming, and brought what he learned in corporate to the farm. He showed us that there are farmers out there that really do care about what goes into their product, and are trying to go out of their way to keep it clean. It's easy to just throw a bunch of chemicals on your product, but harder to use all natural chemicals, and take time to not just go with what all the other farmers are doing. This makes me respect the hard work that farmers do, and I appreciate them a lot more after watching this.

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