Sunday, November 9, 2014

Exploration 6: Mary Knab


Fresh by Sofia Joanes,is a well put together documentary on our food industry and the way farmers have evolved throughout the years. While watching the film, there was a common factor of all the industries, humans and their demand for food. George Naylor says that "Americans fear only one thing...inconvenience." It's true, Americans want "fast" and "convenient" food because it's easier but they aren't thinking of the bigger picture. That really makes you think about all the stores and fast food restaurants, what is in my food? We should know what we are putting into our own mouths. Everything matters when it comes to the outcome of the food. Where the animals are living, what they are eating,and how they are being taken care of. One of the major problems farmers are seeing with farming is monoculture's. Monoculture's are when animals are bred in the same environment and the conditions are unhealthy and not natural.

Throughout this movie I was considering a lot about my own life. What do I eat and consume everyday? Is the chicken I bought at Wendy's, healthy chicken. Is that chicken being taken care of? Is that animal eating healthy and are antibiotics consuming his body? It's crazy how much America surrounds themselves around fast food restaurants and junk food. The only unfortunate thing about farming is that it takes a lot more work than farms that use pesticides. Even though the work is harder than just taking the easy route the end result is much better and healthier for you. Joel Salatin a writer and farmer said that "Everything has a job". What he is saying that there is a lot more to worry about when farming naturally. You must be prepared for anything and everything. Mr and Mrs Fox in the documentary focused on this as well. They informed us on the actual hardship of owning and running a farm.

One of the most influential parts of the documentary is when Will Allen was describing how his animals and plants are all natural due to the beneficial natural bacteria in their food. If more people would be more interested in the long run and not worry about what is more convenient and what is easier for their lives American would be a more healthy place.  The way people chose junk over real meat, like the movie said, "I want to know where my meat is coming from and even if it has a name than have a drug infested chicken for dinner".

Fresh and doctumentarys are changing the way Americans and people of the world look upon fast food. Obesity and health problems will soon change due to people being more informed. Not only is natural farming better but can be a lot cheaper. Russ Kramer who is a pig farm owner, Ozark Mountain Pork Cooperative said "he saved 14,000 in the first year he stopped using antibiotics/drugs on his pigs" Saving money, and being healthy can soon be what America is known for. Educating people on this issue is the first way to make a change. Farming is a hard thing to do and humans take that for granted, before you stuff your face with a big mac think about where that meat is coming from. One change can change your life.

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