Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploration 6: Jess Miller

'Thinking about what we are eating'

"Americans fear only one thing.. inconvenience." this quote from Iowa farmer George Naylor made me stop and think for a second.  Is this really what our generation and economy has come to?  Inconvenience?  Getting things done faster and in an easier way?  Is it all about getting things done quicker and not putting any thought into it?  Well, in the film Fresh by Sofia Joanes, my eyes were opened to how important a "good" farmer is and how extremely neccessary they are in our time.  We NEED farmers but we must have GOOD farmers who take their time and get things done the right way.
Mr. and Mrs. Fox were an elderly couple that were dedicated to what they do and they believe if you're going to be a farmer then you must be dedicated to that job for it is very controlling over your life.  Being a farmer takes a lot of time and effort.  Mr. and Mrs. Fox made it clear to the auidence that in order to be  farmer, you must in fact be prepared to the cost of everything, it isn't all about making money.  In order to be a good and successful farmer, you need to be prepared to provide water, electricity, labor costs, shelter, food for the animals, etc.  In order to raise the chickens and get them to their much needed four pounds, then you need to be able to achieve this.  Mr. and Mrs. Fox also said that in the end, they really rely on the the companies to get them the chickens on time and make sure that they are in good shape. 
Will Allen was one of the main characters in this film and he made it clear to the audience that no chemicals are used in any of his produce or meat due to the beneficial bacteria in these particular foods.  Monoculture is when a lot of the same species grow together (i.e. animals and plants) and this allows the meat to not only form it's only flavors, but it also contain it's own bacteria once it's fully developed. 
Fresh is a story of making a difference in the world.  There are many things from this film that are very inspiring.  For instance, Russ Kramer who is a pig farmer and owner of Ozark Mountain Pork Cooperative in Missouri who said that he saved "$14,000 in the first year he stopped using antibiotics/drugs on his pigs".  Also, Joel Salatin, a farmer from Virginia who believes that chickens should be allowed to "fully express their chicken-ness".  These two quotes to me mean that farmer is most a talent than a job.  There is so much that farming entails and it is a true art.

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