Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploration 6: Haia

Growing up we have always learned that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, and that we should always eat a source of protein, fruits and vegetables each day. But what we never really learned is where we should buy our produce. We typically visit our local supermarkets like Kroger or Giant Eagle, but that is not actually the best choice you can make. It is obviously not as fresh as the produce from the farmers' markets, but it is also not as healthy. Throughout watching the movie Fresh, it gave me a new perspective on what we eat in our everyday lives and how it is processed for us.

One of the main points throughout the documentary was that America's farms are not actually farming correctly. They are maintaining a mono-culture which means that they are only keeping one species per farm because it is faster and more productive. But it is known that medium size organic is the best way to farm, even though it should be the only way. Being involved in public interest legal activity in technology, human health and the environment, Andrew Kimbrell says, "Industrial culture has caused people to lose over 90% of diversity." A real working farm needs many different species working together to make a healthy whole farm. It is not good for the animals, community or the land. 

Not only would they put one type of species together, but they would also cram them together to make more room for more. This is not something that should be done because animals could give each other diseases from being so close together, or even give the farmers diseases by hurting them as well. For example, Russ Kreimer was stabbed by a hog in his knee and got a disease. Joel Salatin, farmer in Swoope, Virginia that produces beef, chicken, eggs, turkey, etc. said, "We're not really farming animals, we're farming grass. If we take care of the grass, the grass will take care of the animals."

Resisting the use of antibiotics on animals is also one the most important points mentioned. Will Allen, a farmer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who believes that everyone should eat healthier food to live a better life says, "We don't use any antibiotics or any chemicals on any of our animals. We've never had a disease problem here. They mention in Fresh how awful it is to process food, and the more you process food, the less healthy it is. This is a problem that has been going on within our foods at the local supermarket. It is true that local organic costs more, but it is also worth it more.

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