Sunday, November 9, 2014

Exploration 6-Emilia Martin

In the documentary "Fresh" it discusses is the issue of fertilization sanitation and how it effects the crops or produce of country farmers. Many of the farms in the US used to be run by the means of the farmer, what he wanted to do and how he wanted to grow. Nowadays, the industry has taken over how most farmers raise their crops or their animals, all in order to mass produce and get the biggest bang for their buck; basically generate as much crop as possible to sell. The industry will do whatever it needs to gain the most production and profit the most money, even if it means putting fertilizers and antibiotics that are not necessarily the most beneficial to the crops. However, some farmers have broken away from the industry and what they are trying to do and end up growing their farms the way they used to, in a more 'healthy' and substantial way. The food industry focuses too much on the how much is produced instead of how production is done, disrespecting the nature of the crops and causing problems with the produce.

The only way to grow so much so fast is the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics which as a result of using these leaves nature to destroy itself and depend on those chemicals to grow. One example from the documentary of this, where industry forced these chemicals into farms is with Russ Kramer and his hog farm. He said "the industry is all about production and wants to be able to push more and more in", which holds true when he had to change the way he raised his pigs by using mutated strains in antibiotics for his animals. One day a pig jabbed his tusk in Russ's knee, who naturally played it off as no big deal. Two weeks later it was really inflamed and throbbing so he went to the doctor and found he had a strep infection. Luckily he used a new generation drug that saved his life. He discovered that his pigs were dying within days of TGE disease. He ended up killing off his entire heard and started his entire farm all over again from scratch--not using the antibiotics from the industries. He ended up saving over $14,000 in doing so.

The way older farms were raised is by the logic in the cycle that animals will feed the plants and the plants with feed the animals. What the industry has taken away from local farms is this cycle and has replaced it with chemicals to help mass produce products. By using the herbicides and other chemicals, it destroys the nature of the crop and damages the soil and messes with the Ph levels and destroys the hummus layer of the earth which is necessary for growing. By using 100,000+ tons of herbicides we lose 90% of diversity in the crop and soil that is needed. "If we take care of the grass the grass will take care of the animals" said the Founder and Execuive Director of Center for Food Safety, Andrew Kimbrell.So if we focus on the nature of the grass and keeping it healthy without the use of pesticides it will ultimately produce better products that aren't harmful to the environment.

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