Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploration 6: Danny Lucia

The movie Fresh is a very good movie because of it's real experiences, information and the ideals that a person can learn from watching this movie. The people in the video show how much they care about their produce and animals. It had a great influence on my opinion about how some industries are making products. I would give this movie a positive review because it presents a plethora of new ideas to the viewers that might not have a farming background.

One of he most groundbreaking parts for the viewer is when Russ Kremer had just came back from college and learned new ideas about farming. In college they taught him that it was all about production and how much you can get out things for the least amount of money. The main way to do this was to use chemicals. He would give the pigs growth hormone so that they could get get the pigs ready faster. He didn't realize what he was doing until he got stabbed by a tusk. His leg started to double the size of the other leg, which he then realizes was wrong to do to an animal. This was a turning point in his life as a farmer and he started doing everything organically. Another example of how they change a viewers ideals is when they said that people fed dead cows to cows. This wasn't very appropriate and I felt they did a good job showing how easy the alternative method was. This was to feed cows grass, not other cows. There were numerous occasions where the farmers crops were better quality because of doing things naturally.

One of the themes I found was that industry does what they wants. The farmers would be under the control of the bigger companies who wanted more than they were already were making. John Ikert stated that big industries said that farmers must market through their systems. They must use the input of the big industries also. This basically means that they would be forcing them to use chemical production. This is not good for everything because it is expensive and leads to problems like insects and disease. John Ikert said that the cost to get chemicals costs more than producing. This isn't very good because the farmers aren't making very much money. This film wants people to start farming organically and not caving into the industrialization method of farming. Karen Parker's family started a farm and made their own soil, which made their products very fresh. This was just proof that people appreciate it when they make things right.

The most important quote to me was when Joel was talking about how after a certain amount of time the chemicals have a negative effect on the products. He said that it was "nature screaming at our culture enough." I thought this was powerful because I agree with this. Many of the methods that he was using led to problems that will always be their. These problems weren't as prevalent when they were using organic methods. I don't think nature is thrilled with the new behaviors of farmers. Another quote that I pulled out was when Mr. Fox's roommate says, "American's fear one thing, inconvenience." I found this quote very true to our society and I think that it needs to change. This is what leads to bad chemical techniques.

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