Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 6 by Nate Allen

Throughout the first half of the documentary I thought that the idea of sustainable farming was nice but how could it support an entire country. To believe that a local farmers market could supply food for an entire town is a stretch at best. There are many problems with each, I lean towards the sustainable farming techniques because the product is fresh and was raised without the use of antibiotics and fertilizers that kill the living part of the soil, so I do believe that sustainable farming is the better of the two.

The reasoning behind my choice is the fact that the mass producing methods for food like feed lots, chicken houses, and mono cultures of corn and soybeans are not natural on Earth so that is why diseases and famine happen when companies put these animals and plants so closely together. They also contaminate the space that is used, replanting corn and soy beans kills the living parts of the soil. Russ Kremer had the incident where he had a hog farm that was packed closely together and he experienced disease and had to exterminate every hog in the farm and also tear down the building itself because of the contamination.

The most daunting subject matter in the film for me had to be feedlots. Feedlots pose so many problems for the environment such as the waste from butchered animals, when the animals are butchered the remains are drained into a large landfill or feed to other animals. Dead cows are feed to the living cows which is unnatural for herbivores and the only reason that these animals are staying alive in these feedlots is because of the use of antibiotics.

George Naylor said in the beginning of the film that "Americans fear one thing and that is inconvenience" and I believe this to be true. As Americans we have everything at our disposal whether it be internet on our phones, food deliveries, or buying stuff online we are always looking for the most convenient option. Michael Pollan said "you always get what you pay for" which is very true when it comes to food. You pay a lot for food quality and it will be the most natural and healthier option, but if you decide to take shortcuts you will receive a product that is not natural and has been processed. You always get what you pay for no matter what

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