Thursday, November 6, 2014

Eploration 6- Cory Smith

How often do you stop to think what you're eating? Where did it come from? Most likely never, if it looks good to us, we eat it. The film Fresh will change your view and how you look at food from now on. In the beginning of the film a soy bean farmer named George Naylor talked about how Americans in general just want to get things done fast and efficiently. Naylor talked about his Pakistani friend who said, "Americans fear inconvenience." This is so true because all we ever do is just, "want want want."

Many of the produce we buy in stores is genetically made. This causes animals to grow bigger and faster. This is called hybrid breeding. Mr. and Mrs. Fox, farmers out of Arkansas raise chicken for Tyson. They just grow the chickens and are given the feed. It is unknown as to what is in the feed. I see this now as a problem. We should all care what they are eating. Although that seems like a good thing, these animals are completely different from normal raised livestock.You get what you pay for. Naturally produced crops are way more expensive but you are also getting way more value for the buck.

There are so many different farmers with different views within their farming. Some farmers will feed their livestock their own dead animals because it is considered,"cheap farming." You don't know if if these animals were sick or what was put into these animals. In the end there are many shortcuts to get the most profit but I believe it is important to know what we are putting into our bodies.

In industrial farms today the nutrient cycle is non existent.If more farmers could put this back into use, we would see much more good nutrients in our foods. If they had this all in place there would be no need for chemicals to be used. The beneficial bacteria in the soil will be enough to grow some of the best crops.

There are very few places that you can find produce that has no chemicals in the process of producing it. Most soil at farms are incapable of producing anything without the use of chemicals to enrich the soil. If we can grow healthy soil with good bacteria, without chemicals would produce fresher and more nutritious. A pig farmer named Russ Kramer ended the film saying, "we can change the entire food system, one farmer, one consumer at a time." Encompassing the entire purpose of the film. If we are more educated about this subject, more would be done to step up and get all farms around the world to produce healthier produce. We need more farmers like Kramer and consumers who will value what they are eating, it's only then that we will live in a healthier world.

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