Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brainstorm ideas for Essay Three Homework from Mike Lohre

Please post your 3 good topic ideas for Essay 3 here in the Comments section, and tell us which of the three you are leaning toward doing or most excited about right now.



  1. 1. Argument over abortion
    2. Review over the homeless
    3. Argument over driving age

    I decided to go with number 3 and argue over the driving age. I personally have had a classmate pass away due to a car crash. I also have had many friends injured in car accidents. I think this will be a good topic for me to write my paper on because I have a strong opinion on this subject, and life experiences to provide examples for my stance on the subject.

  2. 1. Argument over gay marriage
    2. Argument over drinking age
    3. Argument over driving age

    I'm leaning towards number 1 the most which is the argument over gay marriage because I strongly believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter what.

  3. 1. Argument over the legal drinking age
    2. Letter to a teacher
    3. Argument over Animal testing

    I would like to go with my third option of arguing over animal testing. I believe that this will be a good topic for me because I have a strong opinion about using animals to further science and especially for cosmetics. And I feel that I would have a lot to say.

  4. 1. Argument over legal drinking age
    2. Argument over the driving age
    3. Argument over abortion

    I would like to go with my third option, which is the argument over abortion. I think that I could do this because I think that it is wrong what they are doing right now with this issue. I think I could have some good arguments.

  5. 1.) Argument over the right to die
    2.) Argument over the ban of cigarettes
    3.) Letter to teacher

    I would like to go with my first idea, argument over the right to die. I feel like it is a topic many people over look, and ignore when it is a serious issue today. To have the right to control whether you live or die, especially if you have a deadly and painful disease should be left to be decided by the individual.

  6. 1. If torture is ever acceptable
    2. Gun control
    3. Animal testing

    Leaning toward governments control over guns arguing our rights

  7. 1. arguing eating and living a healthy lifestyle is better for you than crash dieting
    2. letter to my older brother
    3. arguing that going to a branch campus for first year is not better than going to main campus right away.

    I am still deciding between my number 2 and number 3. 3 would be really relevant because I feel like I could argue that really well seeing as I am a student at a branch wishing I were on main campus. However, my number 2 would be good for me because my brother moved away 6 months ago and we rarely talk so it would be a way for me to reflect on our past and also our present and what we are doing and where we are going in both of our lives right now.

  8. 1.) Argument on the topic of legalization of cannabis
    2.) Argument on should government money be spent on space exploration
    3.) Argument on should wealthy nations be more responsible for funding environmental damage prevention and aid

    I would like to write about my first option. With cannabis being legalized in the nations capital within the last month this highly debated topic has recently had its pot stirred. I also believe that there is a lot of information both for and against which would make this a good persuasive essay topic.

  9. 1) Argument on Organic vs Conventional Farming
    2) Review of a restaurant
    3) Letter to a family member

    I am deciding between my first and third option. I was really interested in the documentary Fresh we watched, and want to learn more about the secrets in the food industry. I think a letter to a family member would be cool to write about as well.

  10. 1. Argument on Conventional farming vs Unconventional
    2. Review of a place
    3. Letter to family member

    I will most likely choose to write an argument on conventional vs unconventional farming, in unconventional farming's favor. After watching the movie Fresh I want to learn more about this subject.

  11. 1. Review of GTA V
    2. Argument on if vaping in public places should be allowed
    3. Letter to family member

    I think I am going to do either option one or two. I think both topics would be fun to do, and I think I can write a lot of good stuff on both!

  12. 1.) review of place
    2.) argument over immigration laws
    3.) letter to a teacher

    I'm writing about number two because I strongly feel that there's a lot of strong opinions for this topic

  13. 1. Legalization of marijuana
    2. Argument of drinking age
    3. Gun Control
    I chose to do Number 1 because it is such a highly debated topic in America today


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