Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tiananmen Square by Nate Allen

1.) The Tiananmen Square Massacre and Protest happened on June 4th, 1989 and was a protest led by students to uncover the splits in their government. What strikes me as the most surprising thing about this event is that this didn't happen a long time ago and I believe it is not that strange that the government would try to cover up something as serious as this. It was a day of violence and oppression in Tiananmen Square.

Chinese civilians are being restrained by the Chinese Army and I believe that this photo shows how the students and civilians were being abused and oppressed, it also shows how the protestors were out numbered 

this photo shows the protestors in Hong Kong that are pro democracy and are camped out on the street in strike of their government and civil servant jobs

I decided to research about the Ebola virus hitting Europe so I looked at CNN and Aljazeera and I found a story from each. Aljazeera seemed to be more thorough about it's story, it seemed like a very well put together article about how the Ebola virus in Europe could be "unavoidable". CNN talked about an Ebola virus report in Sierra Leone and how Doctors without Borders has positively found a case there. CNN is known to be a more liberal news channel so there views differ from say Fox news.


  1. your views on the two news website was interesting to read about. you really picked out the differences well and stated your opinions on CNN. Also the pictures you used really showed what is going on in these related events.

  2. I like your view on the different news stations because I also have noticed the same thing about CNN and Aljazeera. I also like your opening paragraph when you say how shocking it is that this event occured not that long ago. It really didnt strike me until now reading your blog that it happened only 6 years before we were born.

  3. I liked reading the first paragraph because you said that it was crazy that it happened not too long ago. When I read this it struck me because it really didn't happen far back in history. It awesome to see how far they have came since that period of time.

  4. Hi Nate! I also did some research on the Ebola topic for it is something we should all be informed about! I really enjoyed how you told us about the news channels and how they give their information rather than just telling us what they said about Ebola. For instance, you said "CNN is known to be a more liberal news channel", that is good background information and helps us to make sense of how they tell their stories.

  5. I really liked the second picture you chose. It was one I didnt come across when researching Hong Kong but I think its soo cool to see that many people, united, willing to sleep in the middle of the street and risk their safety to protest against the government.

  6. I liked your first picture, it was really powerful. To show soldiers violently and abusively act toward the young unarmed students, doing nothing but protesting.


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