Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tianamen Square: Jenn Peddicord

One thing I learned from my research that is really important knowledge to have was that these protests were something Hu Yaobang may not have encouraged but definitely didn't discourage students protesting against rights that they wish to have. Because of his liberal views he was then asked to leave office a few years prior to the attack. In april of 1989 Hu Yaobang passed away, as a sign of respect and mourning students gathered in Tiananmen square. They started to protest for government accountability, freedom of press, freedom of speech, among a number of other issues.
It's important to know that students looked to Yaobang as almost a political ally. Because of his willingness to let students protest, they paid their respects to him by continuing to protest things he had opinions on before he was asked to leave office.

This photo is effective because it shows the terror and destruction of that day. This is a photo shows the military shooting down civilians as well the tanks bombing the square.

This image is so powerful because its showing an immense amount of courage and boldness against such a powerful government. These people were protesting against Chinese colonists.

I chose to compare articles on the Malaysia Airlines. The sources I chose were CNN and Aljazeera. The overall story is just talking about the search efforts being made to find the lost airline in the indian ocean just off the coast of Australia  CNN talked a lot about the equipment being used and explained the process of obtaining said equipment.Aljazeera talked about a lot of the same things but gave Australia majority of the credit for spearheading the search efforts. They were better at giving more international facts and gave a lot numbers in regards to how much it would cost, how long it would take, and the square miles of uncharted areas. 

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  1. In your first paragraph you didnt have to write that much and you still got the entire story into the text. Also i can say that it made me understand what they were protesting a little more even though i have read multiple stories about it.


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