Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Tiananmen Square protest was a mostly student led protest to mourn the death of former leader Hu Yaobang. After Hu Yaobang had lost the power struggle against the hardlines of China trying to reform the current Chinese government, his death triggered many individuals to protest in his honor trying to fight for freedom. When this happened the Chinese Government decided to put martial law into place, allowing paramount leader Deng Xiaoing into the leadership role ruling that the protest end immediately using military force.

This image above is over the student led Tiananmen Square protest of 1989, showing how many students felt passionate about their freedom, coming together in such big numbers to mourn the death of their previous leader trying to keep alive his mission for freedom among many.

When Hong Kings government failed to change into a full democratic government, not allowing the people of China to vote for their new Chief Executive students, and citizens got together to protest against the government. They stood outside government head quarters and demanded they change into a democracy. Now the protest has settled down compared to the violent outbreaks before, but the government is too afraid to send any guards afraid of another up rise in the protest.
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq)  is a terrorist organization that has been targeting American Citizens within the states, and that have been trying to take control all Muslim groups in the Middle East. Some Muslim groups see ISIS as a true leader, but others see what they are doing as a criminal act. Inside the United States of America, they have preformed many murders, hostage situations, and different acts of terror, along with the promise of more attacks. CNN and The New York Times both covered stories on ISIS, and even though they were the same topic, the two sources had different ways of approaching the issue. Both news sources covered the actions against ISIS, but CNN shared more of the different actions that will be taking place in the future, along with the new allies fighting the same battle. While The New York Times talked about what actions have been taken already, and against who, along with the progress they have made with the terrorist attacks.


  1. I really like your first picture of the Tiananmen Square massacre because I had a picture of the square in modern day and explained how large it is, but your picture shows how many people actually were there.

  2. I enjoyed reading your last paragraph about the Islamic State. Its pretty frightening whats going on in the world right now and how much potential ISIS has to grow into a serious threat. I also noticed pretty big differences in focus's of the journalists in my topic about Ebola.


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