Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reviews to Read. From Mike Lohre


Please read the following links to reviews to get an idea of how different writers approach the genre.

As you read, think about why we use reviews and the different purposes these reviews take on.

Write a response to one of the reviews in the Comments section of this post.


  • What is the conclusion of the review? Do you agree or disagree?  
  • Is this review fair or biased?  How can you tell? 
  • What counts as evidence here?  Research? Comparison/Contrast? Personal experience and taste?  Storytelling? Historical testing? 
  • What values are implied or stated in this review? 


or any of these. . .


  1. Fury:
    1. Brad Pitt and his wearied crew in the final year of the second World War. The movie contains excitement, violence, fear, and a romantic scene that may be a little too much for some viewers. IT is expected to be one of the best films coming out soon as it has already topped the US box office. I would have to agree with the opinions on the expectations for the movie; however, it is based as an old fashioned film so some viewers may not be as interested depending on their taste of the 1900's.
    2. I believe that it is a bit biased. It states that the movie is based off of such things like the video game Call of Duty and movies such as The Dirty Dozen. I believe that is a personal opinion that others may or may not agree with.
    3.Topping the US box office is firm evidence that it will most likely do the same in the UK. It compares the romantic sex scene as exciting for some people but not for all depending on the age of the viewer. It says that it has been viewed in UK at the film festival and that it was a well made and watchable film.
    4. The values applied are of drama, violence, old fashioned, and saucer-eye exciting scenes.

  2. 1. The iPhone 6 is a more developed phone by Apple with new features and a bigger screen, easier to handle for everyone, but still lacks improvement with battery life. I agree because I personally have upgraded to the iPhone 6 myself.
    2. I believe that in some ways it is, but not completely. It mentions that the iPhone 6 Plus has slightly better features than the 6 like battery life, and the resolution of the camera, but they compare the two based on how they work, not from their personal opinion. But towards the end it becomes more biased because they like that they can hold the 6 better in their hands. They also explain to each person if they should purchase either or. For example, they gave advice to iPhone 5S users, Android users, people who were previous Apple owners and then went to Android and now want to switch back, and people who have never been with Apple. So it goes both ways.
    3. Some evidence they use was them personally experimenting with both phones. They compared the battery life, resolutions, speed, etc. They mentioned what changed from the previous iPhones and also compared the 6 with the 6 Plus.
    4. The values are size, efficiency, speed, battery life, etc.

  3. Taylor Swift
    1. The conclusion is that Taylor Swift's new CD 1989 is something that shows Swift is trying out a new style that really shows her weaknesses, but is the only place that she "can afford to be". I agree because you do see a lot of people criticizing Swift about how she's too naive, or emotionally, but if you pay attention that is really the only place she ever is. She seems to always be in control, and well behaved in anything else she is doing. And anyways, isn't the point of writing music supposed to be where you let your feelings out?
    2. I believe that the review is fair, because while reading it, the author isn't just stating how wonderful Taylor Swift is, or how horrible she is. It's more stating things that are done well in her new album, with things that are also not done well. And while it does seem the author likes Taylor Swift and her new album, she keeps a neutral tone to her writing.
    3. The author uses outside sources to describe a specific sound in Swift's new album or to Taylor Swift herself. It compares her to Lana Del Ray, who is another singer/songwriter, and it compares her album to the movie using American Psycho.
    4. The author tends to stay pretty neutral during most of the review, but it seems she does value how Taylor Swift is willing to be so vulnerable in her music, and how she respects that Swift and Lana Del Ray are willing to be seen as emotionally unstable to get their messages across.

  4. iPhone 6
    1.) The iPhone 6 provides new features such as apples revolutionary new apple pay set to be released in the near future and improvements including increased speed and display. However with the improved display it took criticism because no apps really take advantage of the increased pixels. I do agree with this, even with the iPhone 5 I don't find many apps that take advantage of the display.
    2.) I think that in some ways this review is slightly biased. Reading through I found that it makes apple phones seem superior to competitors yet towards the end the charts and statistics negate some things they talk about such as display where the Samsung phone has 515 ppi next to the iPhones 401.
    3.) Evidence they used it this review include personal experimentation, graphs and charts. They compared the iPhone 6 to the 6 plus as well as previous iPhones and some competitors although they didn't talk about the competitors much just included their stats in the charts. They talked about battery life, display, speed and some other things.
    4.) The values that are applied included speed, quality of display, size, efficiency and overall feel of the phone.

  5. Fury review – Brad Pitt answers the call of duty … in a tank
    1. The conclusion to the movie review of Fury, is that it's nothing that hasn't been seen before but it'll still catch its audiences attention with, just some good, "old-fashion film-making." I have yet to see Fury and would like to. So I do not know if Fury lives up to my expectations or not. We shall see.
    2. I believe that all movie reviews are biased. As in this one it is stated that Fury is at the top of the charts but the reviewer doesn't seem to thrilled about it as it has been made out to be. The reviewer said, I originally reviewed it during the London film festival – it is watchable and well-made, though I can’t share the saucer-eyed excitement with which it has been received by some." This shows his biased completely of Fury compared to others view of the film.
    3.It is evidence that Fury has made it to the top of the charts in the US box charts. The story is based on the end of WWII but is most likely told way more drastically just to keep the audience interested.
    4.I think the film didn't live up to his expectations because he was very against a, "coming of age" sex scene in the movie that was probably unnecessary. He obviously values good film and thinks overall it is a well made movie.

  6. Fury:
    1.) Fury is about Brad Pitt and his tank crew during the final years of the war. The movie had an old-fashion style in the making, and was able to incorporate all the aspects of war, violence, fear, and the weariness of the soldiers, while also including a romantic love scene that some may say was not needed in a war movie.
    2.) I believe the movie had some bias views in it. The reviewer stated that even though Brad Pitt said war was nothing like a video game, the reviewer clearly thinks that the movie was based off video games and old war movies.
    3.) Fury topping the US box charts shows evidence in how well it will do in the UK. Considering that the wide range of genres the director was able to capture in making the film about the Second World War, the movie will have a little bit for all groups to enjoy.
    4.) The values stated in this review is the movie is watchable, well-made, violent, fear, drama, and some romance.

  7. 1. In this particular review of Fury, the reviewer seemed to like this movie, but didn't think that it lived up to the hype it was getting. He thought it was an exciting movie, but not as good as people were saying it was. I have to disagree with this review, because I saw this movie over the weekend, and thought it was amazing. It was full of action, and I thought it lived up to movies like Saving Private Ryan, and Inglorious Bastards.
    2. I don't think this review was biased, because the reviewer talked about the good and the bad of the movie,and wasn't just one sided. Also, I don't think he had a background that would cause him to be biased for something like this. Some people might give it a better review no matter what if they served in WWII, but I don't think this was the case here.
    3. In this article, they just kind of went on personal taste, even though I'm sure they know what good movies are since they review them for a living. The reviewer originally reviewed it at the London Film Festival, so he probably has some good skills on what to look for to make a movie good. But, no matter how much you think you know about movies, taste is still subjective, which means one person could love it, and another could absolutely hate it.
    4. The values in this movie are that it was full of action, excitement, with an interesting plot, and is definitely worth a watch.

  8. 1. The conclusion of the review is that the Iphone 6 has a lot to offer. It gives a lot of the features and compares them to other phones. This review answers all the questions that a consumer might have about the phone. It explains the reasons that you might want to chose one phone over the other. I agree with many of the things mentioned in this article. In conclusion they are saying that they are both great phones and you will not lose out. I disagree, I think that the bigger screen phone is better.
    2. I think that this review is biased because it feels like he is talking me out of the six plus. He says that he can't really tell the difference between the two and promotes the six more than the six plus features. He tells people that he likes the six because it feels better in his hand.
    3. There is a lot of research evidence used in this review. He uses a lot of graphs that compare different phones. He compares the iphone six in one vs. the iphone six plus. In these graph comparisons he uses many of the different features to see what is better. Overall it is very informant and allows the reader to clarify there decision to buy a certain phone. He also uses personal taste.
    4. Some of the values are price, speed, display and storage. Storage was a big deal because it sets apart the six from the six plus along with a couple of other things.

  9. Fury

    1. Fury is about a tank squad in WW2. Brad Pitt plays the tough tank commander. The blog concludes that the movie has a lot of action, violence, and a little romance. The movie had very high expectations and has already topped the box office. I agree that the movie should be good as expected because it has a good story line and has impressive actors to act it out
    2. I would say that the Fury review was biased towards the review author's personal opinions. The author said "it is watchable and well-made, though I can’t share the saucer-eyed excitement with which it has been received by some." which makes it sound biased because that was his personal opinion.
    3. In this review there is no research or evidence other than the statistic of it being a top box office movie. The only historical evidence is he states that it is in the WW2 era.
    4. The values of this movie is action, violence, intensity, watchable, and well made.

  10. I Am Malala:
    1. The book review does a really good job of giving a break explanation of what happened to Malala and how her story began, with her father. It also discusses why Malala is such a huge icon and what she stood for and ultimately took a bullet in the forehead for. The conclusion is that this book is a very good source to be read to give people a better understanding as to what is going on in Pakistan with the Taliban and that women and girls are much more powerful than they are perceived to be. I completely agree with this because no one can say that a women is not bright enough or strong enough to do something a man can't.
    2. I don't think this review is biased is a little biased but completelty because it never directly says "this is the best book" or "must be read" anywhere. The author, however, clearly believes that this book is well worth the read for anyone who believes that woman and girls are equally important to others.
    3. There is lots of evidence in this review, it takes a lot of history and events in chronological order to explain to us what happened and what the book is about. it also compares it to the story of Anne Frank and both being a miracle story that we still get to be apart of in our history.
    4. The values implied are that of human life, the value that women and young girls have in society, and the possibilities and opportunities one can create, even at a young age.

  11. 1989
    1. The review is implying that because of Taylor's feminist style in earlier albums, she was often criticized and accused of being unstable. But in 1989 she uses that to her advantage and twists the perception of that emotionally unstable women don't have the power but demonstrates that in this album and is starting a trend. I agree that she is definitely causing people to notice that she fighting back almost in this album.
    2. I don't think this review is biased. The writer does a good job of showing both sides to the argument and gives valid evidence to both. She also went directly back to her lyrics for evidence. Also she never states whether or not this album is good or liked better then others. She simply states the facts and talks about two view points she sees.
    3. There is a lot of evidence in this review, mainly comparing and contrasting and history testing. She compares her a lot to other artists in the industry and also talks about her similarity and differences to artist during the 80's. She also uses the lyrics as direct evidence.
    4.The values are feminism and women control, and how taylor is fighting that misconception with this album...or at least trying to.

  12. 1. The pcture of the iPhone is taken at an angle that makes the phone look much larger than it actually is. This person wanted to give off the perspective that this phone is not only larger than the "older" iPhones but that it has much more to offer as well.
    2. This review is very biased because the way this picture is taken is almost false advertising I feel like. The phone looks much larger than it is and the picture is not that clear either.
    3. There is a lot of evidence on this because there are many things that go wrong with the iPhones and they are not all that they are cracked up to be in the end.
    4. Some of the values are price and the speed of the phone.


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