Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploration 4 Nathan Finneran

On June 4th, 1989 Chinese military personnel opened fire into crowds of citizens who had assembled to protest political corruption. Events leading up to this horrific massacre began several weeks prior when college students gathered at Tiananmen Square in Beijing China to mourn the death of liberal reformer Hu Yaobang. In the weeks that followed about a million people gathered in the square in support of the protest. On June 1st all forms of journalism as well as foreign journalist trying to enter the country were banned by the Chinese government. By June 5th an estimate of several hundred to thousands of people had been murdered by Chinese soldiers armed with assault rifles.
This picture shows the large gathering of protesters in Hong Kong, which have recently assembled holding up a sign that reads "THEY CANT KILL US ALL". This is a powerful image because in shows the protesters strength in numbers as well as dedication to their cause.
This picture shows protesters flashing peace signs at soldiers in a stopped vehicle on its way to Tienanmen Square. It is effective because it shows the pacifist ways of the protesters who simply want their cause to be heard.
  On Wednesday morning Thomas Eric Duncan, the first United States citizen diagnosed with Ebola, passed away due to the disease. 42 year old Duncan had been in quarantine since September 28th when he began to show Ebola symptoms just days after returning from his trip to Liberia. In addition 4 people that had been living with Duncan at the time he was contagious have also been placed into 21 day isolation. The death of Thomas Duncan continues to  raise alarm around the country of the dangers of Ebola.
When using two sources to research this topic, The New York Times and Al Jazeera, I found the facts to match but the angles they took on the topic varied a little. The New York Times wallowed more on the question of had Duncan not have been cleared return home when he went to the hospital 3 days before he returned with worsening symptoms could he have been treated. Al Jazeera focused more on the countries reaction to the death of Thomas Duncan including new government screenings for Ebola in the countries major airports.


  1. The first paragraph was really interesting to me because I really liked reading the number of people involved with these protests.It was crazy to hear that several thousand people were murdered by soldiers. I thought that the first paragraph was really well written.

  2. I really like the picture of "They can't kill us" because it showed how passionate the students were of what they were protesting and how they were not afraid of speaking up for themselves.

  3. The picture that says " you cant kill us all" is the most visually striking picture i have seen while looking at other peoples posts in our class. The picture shows that they dont care about the killings they just want a change.


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