Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mitchell Huge

Exploration 4

1. One thing that struck me was the age of the millions of protestors. The passages i was reading said most of the protesters were students. This struck me because they are around the same age as me and they took the initiative to stand up for what they believe and protest a massive government.  Unfortunately these protesters came under attack by the military. It states that 300-1000 people were killed and 10000 were arrested.

A bloody Chinese protester holds up the helmet of a soldier to show a sign of dominance. This photo shows us that no matter what happens you have to keep fighting for what you want. With an obvious head wound this protester doesn't want to quit his fight for a new democracy

One news story that is prevalent in today's society is the worlds fight against the largest and richest terrorist organization in the world, ISIS.Many people only know these people for the recent
beheading of US and UK journalists in Syria. On CNN the website is primarily concerned on weather or not o send ground troops to fight ISIS and it speculates on how ISIS makes so much money. While on Aljazeera the website talks mostly about recent us airstrikes against ISIS and how ISIS is moving into Kobane causing Syrian Kurds fleeing for safety. I noticed CNN is more informative on the political side of our fight agains ISIS and Aljazeera is more focused on what is going on right now in this situation.

Hundreds of thousands of people take the streets in Hong Kong to protest.


  1. I like the photo you used for the Tiananmen square paragraph. It's very powerful when a picture uses violence and blood to show the severity of an issue or movement.

  2. The first photo that you posted is really moving. I like how much drive it shows the Chinese people had. Also it captures a great deal of passion that they had and their no quitting attitude.

  3. Man mitch that was an awesome photo at the top, it really captures how many of the chinese people felt, and the determination they had.

  4. As gruesom as it is, I really like the picture you used for the Tiananmen Square because it really shows how hard they are willing to fight for what they want and that they are not scared of what they are going against or of fighting the army and the government.


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