Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exxploration Four by Jarrod Mautz

I really thought this picture showed how honestly brutal most of the protesting was.
I think the most memorable thing about the events from the 1989 Tienanmen square protests are that they were all massacred because they wanted a more democratic government. I think the younger generation often takes our freedom in the U.S. for granted since we haven't been physically exposed to other alternatives. We often hear about all the things people had to go through to gain those rights, such as the civil rights movement and the women's suffrage movement and other various historical occurrences. However i think its kind of difficult to get a true appreciation for some freedoms we have because most people currently haven't had to fight for them themselves. Another thing that truly stood out to me was the amount of younger adults fighting. I also believe lots of people take the power of the youth for granted in today's society.
Its a little hard to see, but in this photo protesters stood face to face with Chinese soldiers. I think this portrays how quickly things could have escalated at any given moment.      
The topic i looked up was the Ferguson police shooting & protests. The websites I used were CNN and the NYtimes. There are myriad articles on the topic and a ton of speculation around the shooting of Michael Brown and the lack of questions answered by law enforcement. Both sources used mostly moderate bias and didn't say anything that significantly differed from one or the other. They both tended to give a lot of demographics of the area and gave more information about the protests then the actual topic at hand. This sort of surpirsed me because the only reason the protests exist is because of the shooting, which begs the question of why more surefire information on the case hasn't been released.


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  1. I thought you chose a very significant picture to show what happened in the Tienanmen Square. The picture did not sensor how brutal the deaths were that happened there and it really showed how horrible the event was.


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